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Offshore Development – Lessons to be Learned

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No doubt, offshore development has actually made a mark in the global market and it’;;s right to say that it’;;s going to stay. Whether you want an eCommerce site or sell financial software, you will have to take critical decision of outsourcing some of the software development. Before taking an offshore leap for any web development or to hire dedicated developers, it is advisable to learn from the mistake of your not so fortunate peers.
Undermentioned are five tips that should be considered:

Select Someone You Can Grow With

When searching for an offshore vendor, find out someone having solid background. It will enhance the chances of your project being successful. Don’;;t forget to ensure that their growth strategy matches with your own.
The vendor’;;s corporate culture should grow with yours. The real benefit of offshore development is fostering a team able to handle your core development challenges, enabling you to focus on obtaining market share and rolling out new products.

Effective Point of Communication

One of the most important aspect in an offshore association is to have someone at your as well as at the vendor end to monitor the progress of  project. A native person, expert in English language, can manage the operation from abroad. Decide to dedicate someone at your end to keep the offshore team on track and ask the same from them. A little investment and right and effective communication from both ends can result in long-term success.

Execution is the Core

Hiring dedicated developers with technical expertise is not sufficient in any offshore engagement. You must analyze the software development process of your vendors. Does your vendor follow strict development methodologies  like, RUP, Agile, etc.? How good they are in adhering to deadlines? How oriented they are towards long-term relationships? All these questions are important to ask and get the replies of, as it all divulge the underlying beliefs and culture that will rule the vendor’;;s development process. Your vendor should be focused on business ethics and development methodology rather than technical accomplishments. The real value in offshore software development lies in searching a company that can understand your business and requirement rather than offering cheap labor.

Be Realistic

You are realistic, but what about your vendor? This should be the attitude you need to take when opting for offshore. It’;;s just necessary to accept outsourcing as a modern-day requirement to stay competitive but not a panacea. Mature offshore vendors know that their actual value is in enabling you build a sustainable business, instead of acting as cheap labor. Albeit, the cost savings can be remarkable when sending development offshore, it’;;s necessary to understand it requires an investment at your end.


Offshore outsourcing is no doubt a surefire method to expedite innovation, save cost, and reduce time to market. However, it comes with some set of challenges. Hence, it’;;s important to evaluate and acknowledge the risks, and convey them effectively to your vendor. Complete awareness and prudent planning can make the offshore development process worthwhile.

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