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South America Tourism

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South America – Travel and Tourism:

Tourism is another important industry in South America that not only enhances the GDP of each country, but also ensures greater job opportunities. The historical sites, architectural marvels, and the natural landscapes of the continent attract millions of tourists every year from all across the globe.

South America is a land of diversity. The Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River, the Atacama Desert, Lake Titicaca, and Angel Falls of Venezuela are some of the major natural attractions of South America. South America has diverse climates from dry and arid to tropical.

South America is the world’;s fourth largest continent on Earth, and the fifth most populous. With a history that spans over a thousand years, South America has been culturally influenced by Spanish, Portuguese, Asian, and African cultures.

Europeans explored South America beginning in the late fifteenth century, and he continent was named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci who is believed to have recognized it as a separate continent. Located primarily in the southern hemisphere, with a few countries in the northern hemisphere, South America is comprised of twelve independent countries and three territories.


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