Monday, December 18

Specialized Police Officer Tests

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The police exam or test is one of the toughest tests that a person would ever encounter. And why not if the people were to depend on these examinees to serve and protect our neighbourhood? However, unlikely the police test is not standardized. If it were standardized then there would be ample amount of opportunity for rehearsal and the validity would not be as reliable in the long run.

Going deeper into this topic, I have searched around the Internet looking for salient differences of police tests for certain departments. What I found out is that the standard for every department is extremely flexible. Let’s say, for example, the NYPD has had a passing rate of 40% for the physical examination from 2000-2010. However, the recent batch of applicants broke the record and the passing rate suddenly ballooned to 60%. This is where quality control comes in and sets the physical examination to a higher level so that the department would be able to control and filter out applicants better.

The demographical conditions surrounding the police department play a crucial role on the weight that the department puts onto areas of the police examination. Let’s say, for example, a certain police department is surrounded by a relatively peaceful neighbourhood, characterized by a very low crime rate. Perhaps that department would have the luxury to focus more on the recruitment process, giving equal weight to all areas of the police examination. However, if a police department is in a neighbourhood with a very high crime rate, then expect that the department would give more weight on physical abilities and real-life police tasks or police work simulations.

Another interesting thing that I found out about police testing is that it can be highly varied depending on the department because there is an actual census of the environment and the needs of the people within the environment. Basically, the kind of test and the weight that different departments put onto the areas of police tests are based on well-researched statistics. It is not just up to the top chief to revise or eliminate a procedure or aspect of an exam. The numbers really speak for themselves, and these numbers are highly dependent on the different factors that are present in each department and their environment.

The testing system itself is a chameleon. It is ever changing to be able to adapt to the safety and security demands of the people and the community. 


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