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Points for Farming Agricultural Logo Designs

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Farms these days are no longer faceless entities that just carry on supplying produce to distributors and middlemen. Believe it or not, but a majority of farms nowadays are focused on branding themselves as perfect destinations not just for day trippers, but for tourists as well. They are making efforts to sell their produce through in stores or farmer markets. Now, the first thing that a farm needs to do in this regard is have a professionally designed logo. This would help it to establish a brand, which, with the passage of time, can be turned into something extremely popular within the market. A unique and innovative logo design is like a farmer’s visual representation that is meant to enhance the brands image.

To be able to come up with a compelling and eye-catching farming or agricultural logo design, there are certain points that need to be followed. Some of them are:

Agricultural motifs
When you are set on designing a farming or agricultural logo, it is necessary for it to have agricultural motifs. This is meant to promote the farm based notion that the logo has to portray. For this purpose, you may integrate common farming images such as barns, natural scenery, fresh produce, pitch forks and even open fields.  Using images of farm animals is also a good idea. These motifs basically help emphasize on the farming and outdoor services that farmers tend to offer.

Farming concepts
Once again, farming concepts play an extremely important role in enhancing the overall agricultural feel of the logo. Farming concepts can be amalgamated through fonts and images, so make sure that you use these aptly.

Wise usage of the green color
The color green is commonly associated with farming and the great outdoors. For this reason, the utilization of this color is best to make the logo more appealing to its target audience. It also establishes the proximity that farmers have to nature. Another color that you might be interested in using is that of various shades of brown. These are earthy colors that are symbolic of this particular niche.

Make it vibrant
A farming logo has to be vibrant. People consider farming and agriculture to be tedious and boring and this image needs to be wiped out from their minds. This can easily be done through a vibrant logo design that is appealing, unique and eye-catching.

Iconic logo rather than integrated
Do not come up with an iconic logo for farmers. Iconic logos are not really illustrative of this particular niche and integrated logos are a far better choice in this regard. Come up with a classic bit of text and add a separated and appealing image to it so that the entire logo has a more livened up look to it.

Keep it simple
The use of imagery is a good idea for agricultural logos, however, you must make sure that it does not have a cluttered appeal. Nobody like logos that are messy and for this reason, you have to keep it simple, yet intuitive.


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