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Why Take SAT Subject Tests? 4 Reasons Why You Should

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The SAT Subject Tests are administered by the College Board, which offers twenty subject specific areas ranging from Mathematics (Level 1 and Level 2) to World History to Chinese with Listening.  These tests are offered several times a year.  The College Board recommends taking the tests at least twice—once during the spring of your junior year and again during the fall of your senior year.  It’s recommended to take the test twice so you have the opportunity to identify any potential weak areas and turn them into strengths by the second testing.  Why take the SAT Subject Tests? Still unsure whether you should take one or more of the SAT Subject Tests?  Here are four reasons why you should sign up!
1. The SAT Subject Tests Showcase Your Academic Strengths

Are you a history rock star? Have you mastered the Spanish language? Is Physics extremely easy for you?  The SAT Subject Tests provide you with an opportunity to showcase your talents to potential colleges and universities.  Taking these tests allows a student to highlight his or her areas of strength that a typical standardized test may not provide.
2. The SAT Subject Tests Help You Stand Out

Since the majority of colleges do not require students to take these tests, submitting good scores can make you stand out in a pile of admission applications.  Taking these tests can indicate that you went above and beyond what the college requires.  It’s important to note that a few colleges with specialized programs may require these tests; it’s always a good idea to double check with admissions regarding whether or not you need to take them.
3. The SAT Subject Tests Can Provide a Jump Start to Your College Career

Some schools offer excellent benefits to students who score well on these tests.  Colleges and universities may use these tests to place students in a higher level class, which ensures that you won’t be bored in the classroom.  Scoring well may also help you skip taking introductory level classes, which means you’ll be able to take a class you’re more interested in.  Other colleges offer college credit for specific score levels, which can save you money.
4. The SAT Subjects Tests Allow ESL Students to Highlight Their Abilities

For those students that may occasionally stumble with English, the SAT Subject Tests provide an excellent avenue to highlight strengths in other academic areas such as science, math, and language.  Traditional standardized tests are limited in their ability to test knowledge outside of reading, writing, and mathematics; the subject tests can showcase your talent in other academic areas.

Ready to sign up?  Here’s the information you need to know.  The SAT Subject Tests are offered six times during the year, although each test is not offered during every testing session.  Therefore, it’s important to visit the website or talk to your guidance counselor so you can sign up for the tests you want to take.  If you’re interested in signing up for the Language tests that include listening portions, you must sign up for the November tests dates as these tests are only offered during this month.  You can prepare by reviewing class notes, taking a prep class, or hiring a tutor—just make sure you leave yourself enough time to properly study for the tests.  Good Luck!


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