Tuesday, December 12

Sexy Slim Down.

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Sucking on ice will give your mouth something to keep busy with. It will even help your body get more water, without drinking straight liquids.

Tea is an excellent drink to help you reach your goal. Caffeine acts a appetite suppressant, it has antioxidants, and hot liquids will help you feel more full. You can also add a wedge of lemon for a bit of zing.

Fake Sugars
We should really try to stay away from artificial things (including gum), especially considering they have aspartame and sucralose. If you find that these things don’;t stall you, and wish to continue using them, then best of luck to you!

Black Coffee
Black coffee will also be a useful drink due to the caffeine and heat.

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall.”
Every time you use the restroom, look at yourself in the mirror. Lift up your shirt, and remind yourself what your goal is. This may discourage you, so remember this:
“Fake it ‘;til you make it.”

Bad Habits
Stay away from laxatives.

Try to avoid food within at LEAST a few hours before your bedtime. It is better to feel hungry when you go to bed, rather than full. (If you are full, chances are you won’;t lose weight the following day).

If you are choosing to follow a liquid diet, do your best to stick with juices and water. Because puree is thick, it will make you feel more hungry than it would if you just had juice.

Water is the most important of all. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but not too much, or it will show on the scale the next day. No it will not be fat, it will be water weight. But it can be very discouraging to see a scale’;s number rise. Don’;t drink a lot all at once, but rather space it out throughout the day.

Everyone has someone they dislike, and want to be better than, for whatever reason. Maybe they made fun of you, or stole your boyfriend. Look at their pictures, and tell yourself you can be prettier than them. And you will be, once you have reached your goal.

You are only young once. You don’;t want to be wasting your youth trying to be skinny. Do it, and get it over with. If you keep messing up, you will find yourself in the same situation that you are in now, five years from now. Don’;t waste your beautiful youth, and finally give yourself the body you want.

Get pumped!
Start moving around, get outside, and/or exercise! The more you get up, the less you feel the want to eat.

Pamper Yourself
Whenever you feel the urge to eat, do something to yourself that will make you feel or look better. You can do your nails, take turns giving massages with someone, do your hair, soak in a bubble bath with a book, pick flowers for your pamper time, light candles, use a masque, whiten your teeth… etc.

Clothes make the difference
Do NOT wear baggy shirts, sweaters, or anything you feel you can hide in. You need to learn to get over your insecurity, and losing weight will help even more. Wearing nicely fit, or tight clothes will make you less prone to binge.

Don’;t completely abandon health!
The only way you can eat more with the calories you have available, are with vegetables! You can make a bowl in the morning, and slowly snack on it until the day is gone. Don’;t overdo it though, you still need to count calories. (Some vegetables are higher in calories than others). Also, you want to eat as healthy as you can. If you eat junk food with your daily calories, you are more prone to either binging, or feeling guilty, which can lead to a purge.

Balsamic Vinegar
It may be an acquired taste, but you can get used to it. Balsamic vinegar really helps curb cravings with it’;s sweet and pungent taste. Every time you want something sweet, sip a spoonful of this!

Vinegar and yellow mustard are good condiments to add some spice to your salads or foods, without adding the calories.

Prune Juice
Ewww. Yes, I know. But prunes and prune juice can really clear our your system. It is good for when you first begin your diet to get things moving properly. They can be high is calories, so it could be a good idea to dedicate all of your daily calories to prunes and prune juice. This way, you can really begin with a flushed out system. Just make sure you don’;t have anywhere to go all day! (Your stomach may hurt if you never had prune juice before, but this is just gas, and it will pass. For others, it may not hurt at all).

Measure a cup (or however many calories you can have), pour it in an ice tray, and let it freeze. Later, you can enjoy a sweet, fairly low calorie treat.

Light snack
A hot air popcorn popper is a good investment if you like popcorn. It is a healthy, and low calories snack when you minus that nasty oil. Plain popcorn can be a good source of fiber. You can even sprinkle some dry spices on it.


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