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Annoying web site style

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Have you ever thought of that your web site could also be annoying? once it’s involves web site style, knowing what guests hate most may be a should, unless you don’t need them to go to you once more. this text describes what you ought to exclude from your web site. If you recognize regarding associate degree annoying web site, be at liberty to send this text to its webmaster.

A few weeks agone I received associate degree email from a colleague asking Maine to envision one in all the web site he had developed. he’;s an online designer and his shopper needed a pleasant enticing flash header. The flash header was nice. You can’t miss it in the least. Some nice graphics components were flying in whereas sound effects created simply the proper atmosphere. However, once beginning to explore the web site, the header became terribly annoying as a result of whenever you clicked on the web site the header restarted. What was pleasant ab initio became terribly annoying terribly quickly, troubling your concentration and creating it troublesome to browse what was on the page.

He is not the primary to form what i favor to decision – “annoying web site design”. several webmasters, particularly new webmasters area unit wholly “in love” with their ideas and have a tendency to travel overboard with their style in a method or another. It’s nice to possess a pretty header, however is it extremely necessary to assault the visitor’s mind with it? In my opinion, fully not!

Webmasters generally forget that their web site style ought to send a message to the traveler that ought to replicate the web site topic and not the programmer’s ability level.

Is Your web site style Annoying?

Well…. It’s not that tough to be annoying. However, some webmasters area unit far better than others at annoying their guests. Check my prime five list and judge for yourself whether or not you’;ve got been annoying your guests.

    Background music – Unless you’;re operational net} internet station or sell music CDs, why play a midi/wav go in the background ceaselessly on each page?
 vast font size – If you’;re planning an internet site for folks with a incapacity then you’;re doing the proper issue, however if not then you’;re shouting. folks don’t am passionate about it once somebody shouts at them.
 little font size – does one need to be heard? Keep a standard tone, don’t shout however “speak” in an exceedingly cheap volume.
    Overlapping layers – Layers will be terribly helpful up to the purpose. however not once they area unit being employed to place associate degree annoying message within the visitor’s face. Don’t try and force your traveler to browse your messages. attempt persuasion rather than brute force.
    Popup windows – albeit popup windows area unit currently blocked by several add on tools, webmasters keep victimization them. The annoying a part of popups is typically we tend to truly miss vital info owing to those anti  popup tools. Haven’;t you detected the previous phrase “if you can’t beat him, be part of him”? Don’t use pop windows. place your vital messages in an exceedingly central place on your web site.

Most likely all folks has our own personal prime 5 lists. you most likely have more annoying style cases in mind. Well, you’re right, the list is far longer then that. I simply needed to explain a number of the highlights so as to bring this vital subject your attention.

Some of you’;re most likely reading those lines and smiling whereas some others have a sense a deja-vu. detain your mind that as a webmaster the final thing you wish to try to to is place ample effort into your web site and so resolve that your guests hate it. it isn’;t a matter of style, it’;s additional regarding being constant polite person we tend to all try and be once we head to a celebration.

I tried to illustrate some things which may be helpful to some net designers and webmasters. I don’t fathom you, however I’m getting to send this text to my friend, hopefully he’ll send it to his shopper 🙂


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