Thursday, December 14

Narrow assessment of Doctor Tahir by Pakistani Media

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Pakistani media badly failed to assess Doctor Tahir. There is no doubt that Pakistani media took many corrupt particles on board and it is evident that corrupt class is pushing down the nation of Pakistan as whole and now the people of Pakistan are living near the support line . We can say that to push the support upward and to break the resistance there is a dire need of leadership. In these bad circumstances where Pakistan is worst  in corruption, law & order situation, negative currant account, fiscal crises, unemployment, poverty, deficit financing, bad governance and so and so there should be a genuine leader. In this worst condition if Doctor Tahir came and show his strength with 2 million people in Lahore and before his arrival media took him very lightly. After his first speech at Lahore different media channels asked him so ordinary questions especially it was asked that why you came here in this country now, why not before?  Useless, definitely he is a national of this country and who can ask him?

Before assessing him one thing should clear in our minds that we can not equalize other politicians with Doctor Tahir due to his credits towards the country, religion and whole world i.e. he showed first time to the world that terrorism is totally prohibited in Islam in which they took the lives of innocent peoples, Childs, women and any other innocent person in the name of God and it is fact also that the majority of Pakistani people is totally hate this kind of act so it is his big achievement towards country, religion and world also.

In recent interviews with Doctor Tahir, he cleared one thing that he wants “electoral reforms”. According to him every candidate buys the ticket with millions of rupees in election so how we can expect betterment from those who consider the election as a business deal, definitely they invest money in elections to earn money in throughout their tenure. Election is simply understanding or agreement of some feudal or elite class landlords. On the other hand he claimed that there is no chance that Election Commission of Pakistan will be able to conduct free and fair election because this department has no power to do this and definitely they don’t have enough staff to monitor the election.

Now I come to the point that how media failed to assess Doctor Tahir. In my opinion media should ask to him that after “electoral reforms” what kind of economic order you want in the country? What you think about the independence of media in the country? What type of foreign relations you want? How you will tackle the problem of corruption within the country and how you want to treat the peoples who are polluted with corruption from decades? And very important question that according to him who is liable of terrorism in Pakistan if he thinks that they are Taliban then how he wants to invest the Pakistani forces against Taliban because Pakistan is burning due to their terrorist activities. On the other hand what is his opinion about the Karachi unrest issue? Besides this it is very important that what his analysis on Baluchistan issue is.

Doctor Tahir should be questioned that if he will be interim Prime Minister how he will take the energy crises?  What he suggests about the stabilization of local industry? How the bottom level corruption will be removed? Is he agreeing with the recent education system or he wants some thing different? Is he in favor of foreign investment? If yes then how he will take over the law & order situation in the country because it is not suitable mostly due to energy crises and law & order situation?

Nation needs as a whole clearer picture of his policies and thinking about the country. In my opinion he is in the position that if Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf joins him along with other few small parties, he will have to do and he can change the picture of politics in Pakistan because now he is not in the position to take step back from here.

Not whole but mostly anchors are asking same questions again and again that why you came here? What about your dual nationality? How you financed your Lahore convention? In my point of view, all these questions are over ruled. Don’t we see in the Lahore convention that how much well organized they are? So people of Pakistan need the maximum catharsis and media can do this but on time. Media may arrange joint panel of journalist to commence mutual brief interview about all above questions and let the nation decide what to do and what will be best in his favor. Doctor Tahir rejected this politicle system in his speech on 23rd December 2012 and he already gave a call for long march to Islamabad on 14th January 2013 to fill his demands.


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