Friday, December 15

Add A Multi-specialty Helsinki Table By Desalto Today To Make Your Place More Enviable

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No home and office are complete if there is an absence of a fine and stylish table included in them. And when it comes to the table you become very choosy and perfectionist to pick the best one among the options. If you are looking for a wide surfaced and elegant table for your home or office then Helsinki table from the house of Desalto comes at numero uno.

Every time someone uses a Helsinki table by Desalto they get impressed by the extra large surface on which one can keep a massive amount of heavy weight stuffs in a neat and orderly manner. And the most-liked feature of this simple piece is that you can stretch it as required without altering its basic functionalities. Desalto, the creative genius from Italia has designed this attractive table, famously called the Helsinki table.

Using the latest technology and Desalto’s creative art this furniture always liked by all individuals who want to include it in their places. Someone may wonder while choosing a furniture that what are the traits that makes a modern piece different from any classic or conventional designs! Well, there are a lot of differences among all these types of furnitures. Ok, let’;s notice some of the key features of a Helsinki table by Desalto at a glance-

•Wider surface to keep a huge volume of goods safely and comfortably.

•Strong steel edge and comes in a variety of classy finishing like arctic gray, matte white and polished metallic chrome look.

•The top area extension is enclosed in best quality stainless steel to give it a solid appearance.

•Now here comes the fashion. The upper surface is coated  with decent colors like white or ash.

•The whole top surface of the Helsinki table is covered with a strong ceramic glass material of 10 mm width.

•A spacious drawer can be fitted on the opposite side of the extension.

•Strong steel rods are being used as the base stand that looks classy with gray or ash colored.

•You can use a Helsinki table by Desalto in a variety of purposes like a reception desk at your front office or in your chamber.

•It can comfortably accommodate 10 persons and can be used as a modern and stylish dining table at your home.

•Much to your surprise, a Helsinki table can be used at the outdoor as a handy table tennis board too!

If you really want to buy a multipurpose table which is going to make your place a more styled and sophisticated address then a Helsinki table by Desalto  is just for you. Enjoy the privilege of having one today.


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