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benefit of ooutdoor activities for children

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Children do more activities with their electronic gadgets. Computers, I-pads, smart phones, Nintendo and play stations are children’s close friends now days. Children spend more hours playing games in their modern toys. They lose opportunities to receive great benefit of outdoor activities. Here are some of the benefit of outdoor plays.

  1. Doing more indoor activities, sitting in front of TV and computer tends to cause negative health problems and obesity. Children will less sociable if they spend more time alone at home with their TV, Hand phone and laptop. They also do fewer activities physically. Physical activities are great exercises. Many benefit of outdoor activities that children can obtain when they go out and play.
  1. Outdoor activities keep children stay healthy. Children burn their calories and train their muscles when they go cycling. Their body movement is good for their heart health. One or two hours playing soccer will use up energy and burn a lot of many calories.  Soccer is good to train endurance and stamina. Children will run, kick, jump or even fell down the ground.
  1. Children will be more sociable. This is another benefit of outdoor activities for children. Doing unstructured outdoor play and getting along with playmates are kind of good social interaction. Children will socialize actively with their playmates. They will engage in conversation, make deals, and sometimes argue with their friends. Those activities become the foundation of developing social skills.
  1. There is another benefit of outdoor activities for children. Children burn their calories while they are running, walking, or jumping. Those physical movements reduce stress. Children build their confidence while they are jumping and dancing. All those physical activities bring balance between body and mind.
  1. Children explore their sense when they play with water and sand. Children learn science concept when they put sand or water from higher place then the water flow to the lower place. They also use they hand to feel and sense the texture of water and sand. They also have chance to use their nose to smell flowers when they play in a garden. Exploring perceptual senses is great benefit of outdoor activities for children as well.
  1. Children learn self-confidence and self-reliance. This is a good mental development for children. Children are likely more tentative when they find something new. They may be afraid of playing in mud at first but they will enjoy playing in mud a little time later. Their courage to jump down mud trains their confidence. They will be more thinker and reliable to overcome a problem when they play basketball, soccer and other team sports. Self-confidence and self-reliance are expensive mental perceptions that children can acquire from outdoor activities.

There is much benefit of outdoor activities for children like sand play and water play. All parents and educators should realize these advantages. They can set some activities and encourage children to be more energetic. They are as the facilitators and supervisors to ensure that all children outdoor plays are safe and secure.

Most children enjoy watching TV, staying at home with their computers. However, doing more outdoor activities has much benefit for children. Playing with computers and watching TV are beneficial for children but doing more outdoor activities give more opportunities to children to expose to the real world. Children not only learn from screen of their computer and TV but also do and practice what they have had seen on TV and learned at school. Outdoor games and plays either structured or unstructured provide with more real senses, social events, and mental exploitation for children. The more active your children the more benefit of outdoor activities they gain.


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