Get relief from chronic asthma by using natural remedies

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Asthma occurs when the inside walls of the lungs and the airway passage gets inflamed or swollen. This condition renders the wall extremely sensitive to any kind of irritations and also increases the susceptibility to allergic reaction. The inflammation and swelling in addition cause the airway to become constricted, thus less air passes through them. The occurrence of a hissing sound while breathing is a typical feature of asthma. Other symptoms may be breathing problems, chest tightness and coughing. These symptoms are increased during the morning. An asthma episode or attack further worsens the condition and can even be fatal for the patient.

Management of Asthma

Unfortunately, asthma is incurable. It is one of the most common illnesses found in children, affecting one in every 15 of them. There are more than 15 million people in USA suffering from this disease. Asthma drastically alters the quality of life of the patient and makes him/her dependent on the medications for their entire life. Most of the medications relax the bronchospasms and reduce inflammation in the lungs. The inhaled medications are preferred over the oral ones since they affect directly on the lungs. Beta-2 antagonists, corticosteroids, anticholinergics and Cromolyn sodium are some of the widely used oral drugs. Many of the medicines are free of any significant side effects and improve the quality of life of the patients. However, keeping the magnitude of disease in consideration, there are also several herbal and natural options available which can be used for the benefit of the patient.

What are the herbal options?

Biogetica presents a one of a kind supplementary natural kit aimed at benefiting the quality of life an asthma patient leads. The kit consists of homeopathic remedies like Sarcodes and Ayurvedic herbs. The Sarcodes are well known bioenergetic impressions found in healthy organs, secretions and glands secreting them. According to the traditional Homeopathy, they are believed to benefit the structure and function of a body system.

The kit contains natural products free of any side effects and completely organic. The C10 ASTH Formula is the combination of several resonance homeopathic therapies which are believed to promote and support the optimal defense mechanism when allergens manifest their effect on the respiratory system. T31 Allergy Liquescence combines Sarcodes along with other resonance homeopathic therapy options which are thought to provide certain bio energetic information to the lungs for optimal functioning.

The Biogetica kit is a supplementary kit which considerably improves the condition of the patient. It stimulates the natural immune system of the patient and brings his/her body in tune with the required health. This unique way of healing by addressing the physical, emotional, mental and energetic cause of the disease is time tested and reliable with absolutely no side effects.


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