Samantha Evans Sees Ghosts

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“I hate this!” I loudly muttered, tucking a few loose strands of mocha brown hair behind my ear.

“I know!” Mom muttered with an exasperated sigh.

“Aw baby’s just mad cause she won’t be able to drive her tractor anymore!” my seventeen year old brother, Billy cooed. The only reason Billy’s so happy is because he’s getting a brand new car out of this.

“Shut up!” I ordered.

“Samantha, can you please be nice just for once?” Mom asked, blatantly ignoring the fact my name is Sam and that’s what everyone calls me.

“Sam!” I snapped at her.

“You watch your mouth, young lady!” Mom ordered, shooting me a heated glare. I shot one right back at her and we ended up having a bit of a stare down.  Hearing footsteps, Mom went back to beaming.

“I hear him!” Mom squealed like a lovesick teenager. We had been standing outside this man’s house for about a few minutes now.

“Smile!” Mom chirped.

“Why? It ain’t like we posing for a picture or nothing!” I rudely complained.

“Watch it!” Mom ordered before shooting me a glare. The door open and Mom practically threw herself into Caleb’s arms. ‘Ew, gross’ I thought, crossing my arms.

“Caleb!” she squealed with a giggle. 

“Ew, gross!” I loudly complained, pushing past Billy and Mom and Caleb and stepping into the house. The ruby red rug and pure gold colored staircase went nicely with the large, pure diamond chandelier. An oak wood dress table stood off to the side with a beautiful black Chinese vase and a lovely gray Persian rug on it along with the key car keys for that Black Lexus parked outside which obviously belonged to Billy.

“Why don’t you two go check out your rooms?” Caleb suggested.

“Why?” I asked shooting him a heated glare after turning around.   

 “Come on, squirt!” Billy said, playfully ruffling my hair as he walked by. I smiled a bit but then forced it to disappear.

“I’m sure you’ll love yours!” Caleb sweetly said with that smile that never seemed to disappear.

“Doubt it!” I rudely muttered following Billy upstairs. I said at the staircase looking around as Billy went off to check out his new room. The upstairs was basically the same as the upstairs: ruby red walls and floors with gold lining and door handles.

“Yeah!” Billy yelled from his room. I’m guessing he got all the Black Ops, Mortal Combat, Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Dialbo, Halo and Far Cry games he wanted. I took a deep breath bracing myself for disappointment. As I slowly walked towards the room across from Billy’s, I noticed that there were two double door rooms, all the rooms were very large, very spaced out and this floor was like the octagon chocolate box I got every Christmas. I stared at the door to my room, hand on the doorknob to my room. I took a deep breath, shutting my eyes and opening the door, stepping in before opening my eyes. I gasped and smiled in awe. This room is perfect. On the far right side of the room a beach with teeny people and a beautiful ocean that transcended into an underwater sea life painting with everything from whales, turtles, sea urchins, sea crabs, dolphins (which were my favorite animals) but what I loved the most were the beautiful mermaids on the wall in front of me. I gasped and ran over to one of them and felt the tail. I don’t know what Caleb did but the tails felt so life-like like they were actual mermaid tails in the water. I looked up and above me to see baby turtles, all kinds of fishes and my favorite mermaid: the emerald green eyed brunette with a powdery-teal blue tail. The upside down smoke from the upside down coral transcended back into the original painting of the beach. I turned around to see a Hawaiian jungle with foamy white watery thing on the top of the wall. I noticed the jungle had a peacock, a frog and a bunch of beautiful different flowers and leafs and other things. I had been to Hawaii a few times and loved it so I obviously loved this.

“Like the room?” Caleb asked from the doorway. I spun around.

“Yeah-” I stopped myself. I couldn’t believe it I was about to tell him the room was awesome but I was about to let him just buy my love and affection like he did with Billy. So, I stopped smiling and crossed my arms with a glare.

“It’s cool!” I muttered in a bored, whatever tone like I didn’t care.

“Where should I put this?” Caleb asked from the doorway. I looked around with a shrug and had to really stop myself from squealing and jumping for joy at the sight of my new mermaid and sea life bedspread, pillow and comforter set. I’ll be swimming with the fishes tonight! He set them down on my bed with a sigh and headed out but stopped at the doorframe.

“Oh and here” he said, holding out a large doll-sized baby blue soft, plush dolphin.

“I thought you might like this” he said, handing it to me. I squealed and jumped with a smile on my face, holding the dolphin close to my chest. ‘You are my dolphin and I shall name you Squishy! Squishy is my dolphin! You are my dolphin and I am your human!’ I thought, probably quoting the Nemo reference wrong but whatever.

“Told you she’d like it!” Billy said from the doorway. I stopped going back to my frowning, glaring, hating Caleb thing, tossing the dolphin onto my bed and crossing my arms.

“Whatever!” I muttered. Billy walked over to me, giving me a warm, loving hug that only Billy could give. I squealed and giggled as Billy picked me up.

“Billy, put me down!” I ordered through laughter. He put me down but didn’t let go of me, hugging me even tighter.

“Billy!” I tried to wiggle my way out but he kept a tight grip on me. I finally escaped his grasp but not before he planted a kiss on my head and stepped away from him but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the smile off my face. He smiled back at me. Billy always had that affect on me, no matter what a hug and a talk or a tractor race from him would always cheer me up. He was the best big brother anyone could ask for until he somehow bonded with Caleb and fell in love with him and helped him move all of our things over here. He even agreed to sell the truck! I know it didn’t work sometimes and it broke down but that truck was special! So special and he just gave it away! He’s a trader! My smile disappeared when I remembered that. I grabbed my jacket and speed walked downstairs.

“What are you doing?” Mom asked.

“Leaving!” I yelled, throwing open the door.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Anywhere but here!” I answered, walking out of the house, slamming the door. I couldn’t believe this! I am Sam Lawson from Napoleon, Arkansas not Samantha Evans from Detroit, Michigan. I was supposed to be sitting in my room, chatting with Becky until Billy came in and took the phone away from me and made me do my homework. I was supposed to be helping Becky get a date for the weekend! I was supposed to be getting a date for the weekend! Mom made us move all the way from Arkansas to Michigan just for some stupid guy. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going and since I didn’t know this place very well, I got lost…quickly. The sun had begun to set and the streets were almost empty, just a few people walking by.

“Hello?” I asked, looking around. I thought I heard someone respond but when I turned around no one was there. Then, I heard the same voice a bit louder.

“Hello” someone said from behind me. I yelled, spinning around. It was only a guy; a very cute guy with pure blond hair and short bangs that covered his crystal blue eyes.

“Hi” I said, looking around. I noticed a few people look at me weirdly as they walked by.

“I’m Aaron” he smiled at me.

“Sam” I said.

“Cute accent, where ya from?”

“Napoleon, Arkansas”

“So, I’m guessing Detriot is a bit different for you?”


“And you really don’t want to be here?”

“Got that right!”

“Maybe I can help” Aaron offered. I shot him an ‘are you serious?’ look.

“Worth a shot” he said with a shrug.

“Okay, fine” I agreed, only because he was cute and he really seemed to want to help me.

“Grab my hand” he said. I stared at him and then his hand and then him again; wondering if this was some perverted way to get to get me in a dark alley with him alone. I was already on an abandoned street corner so I done most of the work for him. He grabbed my hand with a sigh and somehow we ended up on a farm. I looked around, shocked and amazed at all the barnyards animals. I smiled down at a young puppy who scampered by.

“How’d you do that?” I asked, giving him a special extra heated glare.

“Do what?” he asked.

“Get us here” I answered. He didn’t say anything, just looked down.

“Where is here?” I muttered, looking down. I sat down and a purring cat jumped into my lap. I stroked the cat, admiring it.

“Here is a farm twenty minutes away from that street corner we were just on” Aaron answered. The cat scampered off and I got up. I smiled, hearing the sound of…

“Tractors?” I asked and my eyes lit up seeing those tractors drive over that short little hill. I ignored the fact they were driving themselves and jumped onto one. The other one moved around behind me. As I came back around, I saw Aaron and decided to jump off the tractor knowing that he would catch me or so I thought. I glared up at him when I landed on my butt.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Sorry, couldn’t materialize fast enough” Aaron muttered with a sheepish smile. Wait a minute…I suddenly realized something.

“I went through you” I realized, getting up. I stared at him for a minute before sticking my hand straight through his stomach. I took a few steps back with a gasp, shocked and stared at my hand right in front of my face before looking back at him.

“Are you a…?” I couldn’t bring myself to finish the sentence.

“Ghost” he finished for me. “Yeah, I am” He looked down, kind of like he was embarrassed to be a ghost.

“That’s so…cool!” I exclaimed, smiling at him.

“Really?” he asked, surprised. I nodded.

“So can you like walk through walls and stuff?” I asked.

“Hey, who do you think I am Casper?” he asked with a pout. I looked down, feeling just a bit embarrassed.

“Yeah, I can fly through walls and stuff” he answered, his smile coming back.

“You jokester!” I playfully complained, hitting him on the shoulder. I went right through his shoulder and fell to the ground. I stood back up and realized I was so much closer to Aaron than I had just been and it was kind of intoxicating.

“Hey’ you’re kinda cute, you know?” he smoothly said, staring into my eyes with that special smile of his that only he could do and then I fainted. I woke up on Caleb’s doorstep. I stood up and rubbed my head before realizing where I was. I stood there for a minute looking around, trying to avoid going back in there but it seemed fate had other plans as I was suddenly pushed a step forward.

“Go on” a voice whispered in my ear.

“Aaron?” I asked, looking around. I couldn’t see anyone but as if to answer my question the door opened. I took a deep breath and braced myself before walking into the house. It was silent and silence was never usually a good thing. The door closed and I whirled around, hoping to catch a glimpse of Aaron. The kid knew me better than I thought, I probably would’ve backed up right out that door and never went back in if the door was left open. Even though no one was around to see it, I knew I was in big trouble.  


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