Even More Ways to Keep Your MacBook From Overheating!

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Hello everyone! This article is a sequal to the original “some helpful tips to keep your Mac from overheating” article. If you would like to read it, the original article can be found here: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/288425_how-to-keep-your-mac-from-overheating

The methods I explained to you in the first article were really quite basic. I will now go into some more creative ways to keep your Macintosh computer from overheating:

1. Do you use your Mac laptop with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse? If you answered yes, then shutting your laptop while using the external devices will free up space around the air vents and help to cool it. For even better results, flip the laptop upside down! As most of the hot parts of the machine are at the bottom, this method will help cool it greatly. NOTE: There is no padding on the top of the laptop, so you may want to put a teatowel underneath it.

2. If you are doing intensive tasks (such as encoding) where you are not actually doing anything, and just letting the computer encode by itself, turn off the screen. This will bring down the heat a bit, as the inverter powering the screen often gets very hot.

3. Locate a desk fan as close as you can to the vent that blows air out of your desktop Mac. Make sure the fan is facing AWAY from the computer (so it will blow hot air away from the computer) and switch in on!

4. Create a makeshift stand for your Mac laptop using iceblock sticks glued together with hot glue. If your clever, you could even fashion a small fan to intergrate inside the stand. If you do, use a medium sized computer or printer fan. The easiest power source to run it off would be a nine volt battery. Unforunatley if you use the stand a lot you will go through a lot of batteries. A more effective solution would be to power the fan with a twelve volt appliance charger. It plugs directly into the wall and is 100% safe. And if your ultra clever, you’;d put a dimmer switch on the side of the stand so you can control the fan speed.

5. If you own a Mac Mini, considor placing it inside a cool drawer that you can easily open to turn it on and insert disks into it. To take it one step further you could cut a medium sized hole in the back of the drawer and use a medium sized printer/computer fan to suck the hot air out of the drawer.

Well folks, that just about does it for methods to keep your Macs from overheating! If you want to find out some more ways, don’;t forget to visit the first article: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/288425_how-to-keep-your-mac-from-overheating


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