How to Prevent Your Macintosh Laptop From Overheating!

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Computers overheating is becoming common these days, as applications are much more heavy and demanding than they used to be. 20 years ago 90% of computers were used for basic office work – No need to worry about stress or overheating then. Today however, computers are being used frequently for all kinds of demanding tasks, such as: heavy gaming, video editing, image rendering, flash applications and much more. Macintosh computers are the most prone to overheating during everyday use – simply because of things like flash. For those of you who don’;;;t know, flash is a modern platform that is used to watch online videos and run many online games. Flash is used by 99% of internet users, and is essential for most of them.

So how can you cut as much flash as possible out of your Mac’;;;s life? To start off you can download ClickToFlash, which is a free Mac application that gives you the option to use flash on a daily basis. It works by replacing flash content with a button that says “Flash”. This is so that if you want to use that particular piece of flash content you can click the “Flash” button and that piece of flash content will appear. For more info about ClickToFlash, visit their website at:

Now that you have rid your Mac of flash, there are some more physical ways you can keep your Mac cool. Here I will list some of the most important ones:

1. Never let direct sunlight fall on your Mac. It may not seem like it in some cases, but when you let direct sunlight fall upon your Mac it heats it up a lot. If you are preforming demanding tasks on it at the same time, letting direct sunlight fall upon your Mac for long periods of time may also cause it to shutdown due to heat.

2. Download a fan control application. I recommend SMC Fan Control. You can use SMC Fan Control to speed up your fans when you are preforming demanding tasks on your Mac, so it does not heat up as much. Turning up the fans before the computer gets too hot will lengthen it’;;;s life too! SMC Fan Control is very useful on Mac laptops where intense heat can cause your lap to become uncomfortably hot!

3. Do not cover up the vent(s) on your Mac. This is really only a issue on Mac laptops where you can easily cover essential vents with your lap. To avoid this try to keep the back hinge of your laptop relatively clear, as this is where the hot air comes out (on new MacBooks and MacBook Pros). Also avoid placing a cushion between your lap and your Mac, as this can easily cover the rear vent. Thanks for reading everyone!


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