Making the most of iPhone app to track data usage

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Just so you know by using the aforesaid app you’d not only be much more confident about your mobile data expenses but may get to use your iPhone to its fullest. For this, you’d have to ensure that the app has been designed to provide an ongoing record when it comes to your data usage. Furthermore, if the app also identifies whether it is the Wi-Fi or the roaming interface that’s active you’d be able to take control.

Taking full advantage of the alarms

Just so you know the aforesaid app will allow you to control your data expenses with the help of various alarms. For example, some alarms are going to notify you whenever you accumulate the set amount of data. Interestingly, you’d be notified about the aforesaid accumulation when it is done within the billing period. Anyways, you may also come across other alarms that are likely to be responsible for notifying you when you use the configured amount on daily basis. Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that while the alarms are supposed to notify you they may not serve the purpose if you are not in the app.

Using timer to your advantage

If you have ever been on a trip then you’d most certainly be able to understand how the timer can help you monitor your data usage. Just so you know it is similar to a trip odometer and serves the purpose of showing how much data has been used by you. The data usage is calculated from the time when you actually pressed the ‘Start Timer’ button.

How to make the most of the timer

You can try and take advantage of the aforesaid timer under several circumstances. For example, whenever you decide to make a Skype call the timer can be really beneficial in monitoring your data expenses. However, you may have to ensure that you do not forget to start the timer before making your call. Of course, you may not necessarily use the timer for a Skype call because it can also be used for other apps and scenarios.

Understanding the findings of the app

Just so you know the iPhone app to track data usage is likely to count the amount of data without rounding. Therefore, it may happen that your carrier shows slightly different statistics as far as data usage is concerned.


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