The Advantages of Earning a CCIE Security Certificate

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Operatives acquire certifications not only to learn new skills, but advance their career and increase their chances of employment and getting more projects. This is most especially true for IT people. The information technology space is a broad and complex one. If you want to land a good spot in this line of work, you have to have some sort of specialization.  You just can’t claim to know the nitty-gritty of everything because such is not possible.

One of the most credible certifications you can get as an IT person, and indubitably, the most coveted in the networking domain, is CCIE certification. However, they are not the easiest to acquire. According to Cisco, only 3 percent of those who take the exam pass it, atop the insane amounts of time and expense that you will incur while studying.  Cisco claims that CCIE certification is “the most prestigious networking certification in the industry”. There are 8 CCIE tracks that you can choose from: Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, Service Provider Operations, Voice, Storage Networking, Wireless, and Data Center.

If you are passionate about playing with security systems, a CCIE Security certification is the accreditation for you.  Organizations of all sizes require security for their networking infrastructure. They want what’s private to stay private, and keep bugs, viruses, and all hackers regardless of intention, at bay. This makes security one of the most crucial facets to consider for organizations. They only want topnotch security for their information and intellectual properties.

When it comes to networking, nothing compares to the confidence that a CCIE Security certification brings. The journey to getting this certification runs you through all kinds of hardships in protecting networking infrastructures using best practices. This includes how to implement Intrusion Prevention System with the least amount of risk. Certified CCIE in Security ensures that the entire security access system is not an opening for intrusion, and only be accessed by authorized personnel/users. Companies who run operations that involve sensitive matters such as money put security at the top of their priorities.

If you want to gain the trust of the rather security-weary companies, earn yourself a CCIE Security certification. Cisco requires at least 500 hours of hands on training for this certificate so it is best that you only work to get it when you’re fully committed to the networking space. As I’ve said before, it involves a great deal of time and money. 


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