Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (review)

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All in all Ubuntu is a good OS if you are very tech savvy and have patience because like windows DOS. it is mostly comand based to install and uninstall programs and drivers which you can also use the preloaded programs like the software center.

Another problem is the compability issue that is going on with the programs specially itunes wich is needed to sync you music and apps to your idevice, my advice is that if you have an idevice you keep windows or any other os.

The look is very sleek and really works and the speed that it gives to your computer is amazing but after a while you will like to go back to you old but true windows os.

Why well because unlike any other windows is very easy to use and millions of people could not be wrong.

If you cannot buy windows os  Downloaded from this link http://bit.ly/eiQnLS this is only the os for windows 7 (iso) and the serial keys are pretty easy to find on the web.

Hope that this helped in your new journey on the electronics Dept.

P.S. this article was writen from Windows 7 Home Premium, Thank you


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