Using Trade Show Booths outside A Trade Show

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Information on designing and marketing trade show displays and exhibit booths. Trade show booth display ideas and success tips for custom tradeshow exhibit booth design. Buyer’;s guide on portable trade show exhibit displays, banner stands and rental exhibits

One of the most popular ideas that is fast catching up is to invite a local celebrity to your booth to pull in the crowds. If you have a budget for this, you can use this strategy as well. Trade shows are a chance for an organization to come face to face, interact and connect with one’;s future customers. So, do not let go of this opportunity and do whatever it takes (even if it means shelling a few extra bucks) to grab it.

Breakdown of communication is a major cause of problems at exhibitions. Make it clear to your suppliers and the organiser who their points of contacts are. Hold regular briefing sessions with the team to keep everyone up to date on developments

Agreed, carrying out a successful trade show isn’;t easy. But it ain’;t difficult either, if you get a hang of the essentials. Believe in the product you are selling, and pick your Unique Selling Point. Create a strategy and make it known to your staff members. Mastering the basics is the ultimate secret tip to make a trade show successful, and nothing else.

Retractable displays are portable, easy to set up, and very inexpensive. In fact the price of these units has come down so much you no longer have to be concerned with amortizing their cost over five or six shows. A banner stand is inexpensive enough to be considered a one time item. A JiffyRoll (Roll Up) costs a bit more, but will give you many uses. In fact, if you take care of them, either of these retractable display types are sturdy enough to last for years.

However, even if the display was designed with a different intent, it may already have the necessary shelving and support features for products of the new type. Particularly if your company chooses similar packaging or delivery methods, or if your items are small, you may not have to make any structural changes. Even if the packaging is different, a simple adjustment of the design may make reusing your old stands a cost efficient and strategically excellent option.

Setting a professional impression is vital if you’;re taking your trade show displays to an industry event. Customers will be judging you on your appearance, so take some time to make sure you’;re not giving them the impression that your company is sloppy or doesn’;t pay attention to details. While you can wear a suit to the event, this might not always be appropriate so get to know your audience. No matter what you’;re wearing while you’;re working at your trade show stand, be certain you have a pulled together look.

Every time exhibitors set up at industry events, there are a few companies that inadvertently step on a few toes. You don’;t want to be the company that breaks the rules or oversteps its boundaries. Because there are so many rules and regulations that govern any exhibition, it’;s nearly inevitable that you’;ll end up with a reprimand or misunderstanding at some point. If a professional assembly and dismantle crew assembles your display, you can be sure that they will call ahead and get all of the rules, regulations and restrictions ahead of time so that there won’;t be any problems. Let them talk to the venue managers and square away any problems before they snowball.


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