Purple Corn: Useful in diabetes and kidney disease associated with diabetes

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Kidney problem (nephropathy) is one of the most serious problem that is related to diabetes. In the early stage of diabetes, kidney problem is in developing stage and it has not any visible symptoms. But, in the late stage, it may leads to kidney failure.

The purple corn is grown in Chile and Peru. It can also be easily available in Andes region of South America. It is widely used to prepare drink named “Chicha Morada”. It is also used to color foods and beverages. Several scientific studies shows that purple corn contains some flavonoid which has anti-diabetic property. This flavonoid are higher in purple corn than blue corn and golden corn. This flavonoid has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Many studies are ongoing to establish the anti-cancer and anti-aging property of purple corn. It is also useful to control obesity and reduce cholesterol level.

Purple corn inhibit the pathway for developing diabetic kidney disease. This may lead to development of new treatment of diabetes and kidney disease associated with diabetes.

So, It is recommended to start purple corn in your diet and stay fit and young. Purple corn can easily be found in vegetable market or malls. However, it can be purchased online from online shopping store.


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