True Story : Blankets Bring Disaster

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This story is a true story of a woman who is very I know. Let’;;;s call him Dinda (not her real name), 28-year-old woman worked as a waitress at one point one of the food vendors at the biggest mall in Indonesia.

As a waitress who has a very minimal salary to live in a state makes dinda mediocre. Living with his beloved mother who suffered a stroke, Dinda had worked hard to be able to support herself and her mother.

Long story short, Dinda had a good friend who he has known since childhood. Call it dinda friend was named yani (not his real name), a woman the same age with dinda. Yani has been married, and has a husband who is less him also.

Due to lack of adequate maintenance given, also worked as a sales yani blanket seller. The blankets were sold by way of loans / installments per week. Yani sell his wares around the neighborhood. This is because to make it easier to collect the repayments.

To facilitate the yani, she asked for help to his friend that Dinda. Here is the beginning of the disaster suffered by Dinda.

For the friend, Dinda was willing to help minister to sell the quilt. Yani also tells how the procedure in the sale of the blanket. Having understood the procedure to sell it, then Dinda began offering blankets to the neighbors.

Within a week, Dinda able to sell 15 pieces of blankets. As per procedure, the buyer must pay weekly installments.

First and second week running smoothly revenue collection, and the money collected was handed installment Dinda to Yani.

The third week Dinda charge money mortgage to the buyer, after he collected then leave it to Yani. However, 3 days after Dinda setorannya handing money to Yani. Came a middle-aged woman came to work Dinda.

After investigation, it turned middle-aged woman is the owner of The blankets were sold Yani and Dinda. The middle-aged woman berating Dinda work place and seen by many people. It is made Dinda embarrassed and confused, because he did not know why the woman’;;;s problems rage.

Once asked why women are angry, it was money that should be paid to women Yani has been three days have not been deposited by yani. Though Dinda had to deposit it yani.

It is made Dinda furious, in addition to having been lied to his best friend, and Dinda were upset because their workplace has informed the others that he does not know without her consent.

Dinda finally decided to call Yani to confirm what has been said by the owner of the blankets.

It is made Dinda furious, in addition to having been lied to his best friend, and Dinda was upset because it has been told where she works to others that he does not know without her consent.

Dinda finally decided to call Yani to confirm what has been said by the owner of the quilt. Once asked to Yani, Yani even justify it. That money is used for school children. Because the husband Yani not give money to pay their children’;;;s school needs.

But Yani asked Dinda told that the owner of the quilt that she would give the money three days. Feeling sorry for Yani, Dinda had to say what was said by Yani. Eventually the woman left Dinda.

2 months have passed after the embarrassing and annoying, now happening again, even more than the previous events.

The money that has been deposited dinda to Yani, have not paid to the owner of a blanket. Finally, the owner came Dinda place of work. And he threatened to take Dinda salary to repay the deposit money. Dinda was angry, he said he would not give the money to repay the cash salary such deposits. Because he had deposit it to Yani.

But she does not want to know the problem, the most important thing he did not know that it was selling blankets Dinda. And the woman was threatening to take the TV at home Dinda.

Dinda finally had to go home memtuskan Yani. However, in the house there is only Yani husband, and he said that Yani was visiting his mother’;;;s residence. This makes Dinda emotions. And finally he tried calling and sending short messages to Yani. But Yani was not replying to the message and not picking up the phone Dinda Dinda.

Dinda was more upset with the friend. She contacted her husband Yani, and tell the problem to him. But, even ignoring her problems and seemed indifferent to her the problem.

Listening Yani husband, increasingly making Dinda headache is not playing. And also try to contact Yani Dinda again. But, when contacted Yani. Yani phone number could not be reached.

Not wanting to take a headache that could make him sick, Dinda could only succumb to what will be done by the owner of blankets. Arriving home, Dinda surprised. That the only TV that he had been taken by the owner of blankets.

End of story, Dinda had decided to make up for the TV. Because he felt lost when the TV is used as a medium of exchange that mortgage money is only three hundred thousand.

With this incident, Dinda finally decided to not consider Yani as friends again. And do not want to see and hear anything about him again.

Thus the story of Dinda who is betrayed by his best friend alone. Hopefully Dinda story can inspire you all.



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