How to deal with motor vehicle accident?

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Motor vehicle accident can be the scariest (tragic) event in any person’s life. The only thing a person can expect would be minimal injuries to the travelers in the vehicle. Filing insurance for this catastrophic injury can be a tedious process. Eventually you would be reimbursed for all the harm that happened to the car.
Often people leave the accident scene immediately. However you should wait until you get all the details needed for insurance. Below mentioned are few tips that any person in motor vehicle accident should be careful about.

* The very first action is to seek aid. You and other travelers in the motor vehicle accident might have had some injuries. See if anyone of you needs any emergency medical attention.
* The moment the situation calms down you need to contact the local police. In case you had a motor vehicle accident on a personal property you need to notify the security.
* The next person you should call would be the insurance claim lawyer. He will assist you with the further procedure. It might take time for the representative to reach. Ask your agent whether you have to file for a claim at your insurance company or pursue the liability claim.
* If both the parties involved in the accident are willing to wait; inform your insurance representative to reach immediately. This will allow him to fill out your claims form as well as get story and pictures of accident of both the parties.
* Contacting the insurance professionals has great benefit. It is makes easier for him to interview all the witnesses who are still around. It speeds up the insurance process and helps you to receive it early.
* Do not divulge things to the authority in a manner that will depict you as the main culprit of the accident. However mention as much details and information as possible about the motor vehicle accident. If you are not sure about details, stay quiet.
* You or anyone traveling with you during the motor vehicle accident should get insurance information of other drivers. This information would be beneficial if you find that the fault is of the other party. Seeking such information will keep you away from paying the deductible.
* Seek the names, contact numbers, addresses and driver’s license number of people who have been in that accident. Do not forget to take the license number of the car and its state of issue.
* Take pictures of the motor vehicle accident so that the insurance claim lawyer will have enough evidence. The insurance representatives might come and take pictures later. An insurance claim lawyer will also suggest that you take pictures as soon as you can.
* Immediate photos help the actual positioning of the vehicles and also help to document any kind of catastrophic injury in an accident. It is especially helpful when you explain your side to the authorities or insurance companies.
* Make sure you ask for the written report that has been prepared by the authorities. Take down the accident report’s identifying number.
It might take weeks or even months for the compensation to arrive. If you have enough money you can get the damages repaired. However always bear in mind that the check will have lowest amount for repair.


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