How to Store Olive Oil Fresh

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How to store olive oil fresh
Extra virgin olive oil is a completely natural food product. It is, in fact considered a fruit juice!

Many people find it hard to keep olive oil fresh once they bring it to home from store as many climatic factors can ruin your olive oil. And therefore, to keep it fresh, and maintain its fully bodied flavor, you need to do the following;

  • The ideal temperature for keeping olive oil is 57°F or 14 degrees C, although a normal room temperature is fairly good. Better to keep a large container and pour a small amount into a dispenser for everyday use.
  • Olive oil should be stored in a dark place and in a sealed container. 
  • You should read labels and look for a use-by date and details about place of grown and how long the olives spent between tree and mill. Olives start to deteriorate the vary minute they are picked due to auto-oxidation, so the quicker they are milled, the better.
  • Olive oil can be kept in bottles it comes in, though it can be stored in dark green or tainted glass, heavy glass bottles and porcelain container to shield the oil from atmospheric and climatic changes. Do not store it in plastic container as it can absorb PVCs.
  • Exposure to sunlight can turn olive oil rancid due to photo-oxidation, which can be commonly detected by taste. To protect its flavor, decant the oil into a dark-tinted bottle to cut off light exposure.
  • Exposing Olive Oil to heat turns it rancid quicker than light – keep in a cool cabinet, away from the stove and not above the refrigerator.
  • Most grades of olive oil can be put into the refrigerator or freezer without harm, which will greatly extend its shelf life. Waxes in the oil may crystallize out into needles and oil may turn visibly cloudy.  Warming the oil back to room temperature will clear it.
  • Keep the bottle clean and tightly closed.
  • The longer the oil sits, the more rancid it will become. Consume the oil before the Use by Date or use all olive oil within six months of opening.
  • Each time you use the oil, be sure to replace the cork and wipe the bottle clean.

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