Basic Skin Care Routine You Should Be Familar With

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Most people tend to neglect that the reason to keeping healthy and good skin is due to basic skin care routine that you should be familar with and follow everyday. While it is easy to understand their neglience is due to everyday working life and family responsibilities, they should not be used as excuses why they are not looking after this skin.


Basic skin care routine should be one of your main priorities besides work and family responsibilities. Other than just body, having healthy skin is also an essential part of our lives to look and feel healthy regardless of age. Doing this also helps to protect yourself from life threatening sicknesses like skin cancer and other related diseases.


Here are 4 things to consider in order of priority.


1. Understanding Your Skin Condition

The first skin care routine you should look into is understanding your skin condition.
Though there is a wide selection of skin cleansers available in beauty salons, distributor companies, drugstores and pharmacies, you should know your skin condition and which best product or treatment suits you best before investing in anything. If you do not know, please see your doctor, qualified consultant or dermatologist. For they will be the best persons to tell you what to do.
For knowing or not knowing can improve or worsen your skin condition. Just because the salespeople assure you, do not take their words seriously. Instead ask questions about the product ingredients and verify whether they have testimonies of real customers who actually bought and benefited from them. 
This is extremely critical since what works for certain group of people may not work for everyone else. The last thing you want is your skin becomes red and scarred by ugly marks due to sensitivity to some products whose ingredients may not be suitable for you. 
If those salespeople do not wish to elaborate and have little or nothing to show for to prove their claims, simply walk away from them without a word. Since you have not paid or owe them anything, you have every right to do so. It is better to offend them than to feel sorry about wasting your time, money and making your skin worse. 
Surveys have shown that the most common skin types are oily, dry, aging and sensitive. Much of this attributes to individuals’; living conditions, health and eating routine. 
2. Cleansing
The next factor you should look into is cleansing. 
Most people – especially men – like to splash their faces with plain water and soap. Though this saves time, this is a huge mistake as some soaps contain chemicals and ingredients which may not be for you especially if you have sensitive skin. Secondly, you should gently rub and scrub rather than splashing. 
I normally use Eversoft or Biore since that works fine for me. But for your case, you may want to get professional consultation should you have problems finding one which is suitable for you. The advice will certainly help you to save a lot of time and money looking for and spending what you think works. 
3. Exfoliation
The third factor you should consider is exfoliation. 
What this means is scrapping and removing dead skin cells from your skin surface. The objective to protect your skin from prolonged exposure to dead skin cells that could hinder the development of healthy skin.
The most common exfoliation methods are microdermabrasion, retinoids or chemical peels.
Microdermabrasion is generally defined as using scrubs. This ought to be done once every week. However before that, make sure that scrubs are made up of small fine grains rather than big coarse ones which tend to damage and scar your skin rather than curing.
Retinoids help to get rid of outer surface of dead skin cells while helping to rejuvenate collagen within the skin and stop premature degeneration of the skin’s structural fiber in the form of fine lines and large pores as we become older.
4. Chemical Peeling
The final factor is chemical peeling
It is a process under close supervision and implementation by a dermatologist or licensed skin therapist. This helps to achieve better results rather than chemical peel treatment kits you ordered outside and used on your own.
Chemical peels normally take up to an hour or less to acquire maximum results of helping your skin to appear younger by 5 to even 10 years younger on your face.
If you are sporty and constantly outdoors under the sun, you need to apply sunblock or sun tanning cream to avoid your skin becoming over-tanned or reddish with marks.
Moreover, sun rays are capable of damaging your skin through rapid drying, forming wrinkles, black or white heads with its ultravolet rays.
Having mentioned all this, basic skin care routine is more important than any treatment and product ever available on the market there. Once you know and do what you should do everyday, keeping your skin healthier and younger will not be problem.

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