Herbal Alternatives in the treatment of Asthma

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It is a very common disease. Millions of people are getting affected each year by asthma. It is experienced when there is an inflammation of air pathway providing oxygen to lungs. Asthma is mostly associated by allergy. It is chronic inflammatory disease of airways which causes attacks of wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing. Asthma can be caused by some allergens which is also known as triggers. These triggers include animals, dust, changes in weather, chemicals, exercise, emotions, etc.


Herbal medicine is naturally occurring substances that is widely used in current scenario. Herbalism is a traditional medicinal practice that uses plant and plant extract in the disease.

In case of asthma attack, one should take nebulizer and other allopathic medicine prescribed by doctor for fast relief. Most of these medicines widen the air pathway to reduce the severity of attack while some medicines inhibit the pathway of inflammation of airway and thus prevent asthma attack.

Asthma can be prevented easily by avoiding contact with triggers. Control drugs can be taken by discussion with your doctor to prevent asthma attack.

Herbal medicine can not be taken to get fast relief when experiencing asthma attack. Herbal medicine is useful as preventive alternative treatment of asthma. There are several herbal medicine that can be used as alternative in preventing of asthma attack. Honey is one of the best herbal remedy for asthma. Honey can be used when person is having an asthma attack. You can use honey in patient’;s nose to restore patient’;s normal breathing. Honey can also be taken internally. Some other remedies are chamomile tea, elderberry, ephedra, ginger and licorice which are also used as alternatives in asthma.


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