Top 3 Germ Carriers You Encounter Every Day

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Germs are everywhere. There’s no way to totally escape them but there are places that harbor more germs than other places. Your first thought will probably go to some spot in the bathroom, like the toilet handle, as one of the top 3 germ carriers. You would be wrong. The toilet handle actually ranks low on the list of germ carriers because no one touches the handle for fear of germs. One of the top 3 germ carriers may be on your arm right now.

Purses, Handbag or Backpacks
Whatever accessory you carry around as a catch-all for your stuff is also a catch-all for germs and ranks as the number one germ carrier. Most handbags, when tested for germs, prove positive for the E.coli bacteria. Now where did my handbag (purse, backpack, etc.) pick up E.coli bacteria? Where did you place it when you used the restroom? Ate at the restaurant? Rode on the subway or in a cab? For every surface your purse has touched today, it has picked up more potentially illness causing germs. Keep you and your handbag healthy by wiping down the exterior and handles everyday with a sanitizing wipe and watch where you plop the bag down at from now on.

Your Desk
When’s the last time you cleaned and sanitized your desk? Ewww. Most workers eat at their desk, but unlike the kitchen table at home, desks rarely get wiped down and it’s even rarer than the desk surface is sanitized. If the desk is in a public office setting, how many hands, germ-laden hands, have touched your desk this week? Your purse, coat, lunch, hands, etc., touch that germ and bacteria filled surface every day, wipe it down with sanitizing wipe each day to keep germs at bay.

Shopping Carts
A shopping cart in a typical grocery store gets used by a new person every 30 minute Babies with leaky diapers also sit in those grocery carts and toddlers who have wiped their noses with their hands have clung to their sides of the carts. Grand Central Germ Station. Most grocery stores provide a tub of sanitizing wipes near the grocery cart location, get two. One to wipe the surface of the shopping cart which you and your children will be touching and an extra one to carry with you and use while you shop. Remember many hands have touched that can be green peas before you touch them and your child is going to fascinated with the raw meat when you visit the meat counter. An extra germ killing wipe can’t hurt.


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