4 Key Workout Tips for the Beginner

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<h>4 Key Workout Tips for the Beginner

Getting and staying fit can be a challenge. For many of us, it’;s hard just to get up off the couch. So what’;s the secret of people who have managed to make exercise a way of life?

The first step is to set reasonable goals. Ask yourself: how much time can you realistically devote to exercise each week? Are you looking to bulk up significantly? Perhaps you hope to grace the cover of GQ someday. Maybe you just want to slightly tone your body. Are you training for a sporting event? Whatever you are trying to achieve, start by setting goals that are realistic to you.

Congratulations, you are now standing at the gym (an accomplishment in itself) and staring out into a sea of treadmills and weight machines but where do you start? A balanced fitness routine includes cardio and weight training exercises. If you are incorporating both types of workouts in the same day, start with weight training first as cardio will leave you too fatigued. It is also a common mistake to do weights every day if it is working the same body parts. Muscle fibers need time to rebuild after each work out. Instead, consider alternating between upper and lower body weight training so each set of muscles will have time to heal.

Maintaining proper form and technique is extremely crucial. Lifting or pulling with bad form can result in inefficient workouts or worse, injuries. Before you start, thoroughly research proper lifting techniques or consult a fitness employee to save yourself future trips to the physical therapist.

Make exercise into a routine. If you’d rather get a root canal than hit the gym, chances are, it’s still something that’s new and not a part of your weekly routine. It takes time to develop a habit so consider starting with working out just two or three times a week. Try to sustain a workout of similar intensity for about 20 minutes each time and build up from there. If you want a set of abs that can grate cheese, more power to you, but that cannot be achieved from working out for a week. Consistency is the key.

Spice things up. Who says you have to go to the gym everyday? Find those running shoes that are collecting dust in a corner somewhere, a running buddy, and explore new terrain together. Play some basketball pick up games at the park. Install a pull up bar outside your bedroom door and work out in the comfort of your home. Regular exercise is a beneficial, long-term investment in your health so find ways to make it enjoyable.

Be Aware of Body Language

Understanding body language and nonverbal communication will help you identify how someone is truly feeling. Practice recognizing whether someone’s body language matches up to what he or she is actually saying, and react accordingly. Watch for facial expressions, tone of voice, and body and eye movements.

Identify What Causes You Stress

Whether it’s an overload of work or sick children at home, there are a number of factors that can cause us stress. Identify the things that cause you the most stress, and recognize that you hold the power to bring yourself back to a calm state of mind. Practice constructive coping mechanisms, like exercise and meditation, to bring you back down when your stress levels are running high. Avoid taking your stress out on others.

Analyze Yourself

Be mindful of your own emotions and how you respond to different emotional situations. Be honest with yourself to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and how they might affect others. Work to take responsibility for all of your actions. Be open-minded, and stay positive in different business scenarios.



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