10 Tips To become rich successful

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1. Networking Habits
tips to be rich, how to let so rich quick, how to get rich? Four things I told God to men, one of which was the fortune. The next day after you eat? Get what? You never know. But God invites man sought. Cultivate earnestly, as if they were given live another thousand years.

One can membuaka the effort is gathering or in business terms you are familiar with the name of networking. Human communication is a true creature, that can not, must communicate. “People always want to say something,” according to Aristotle.

Therefore, man can not live alone. Humans always need other people. Or in the general theory, known as “social human beings”. Short people have supplied a lot of things to always interact with other human beings in order to live their lives meaning, humans lived maximize this natural concepts like how to make the eggs into a plate of delicious omlet.

2. Build More Habits Early
tips to be rich, how to let so rich quick, how to get rich? If you think that the morning is the sound of birds chirping, the sun through the window or a cup of coffee, all the answers you would have been correct. But in essence, the morning is the future! Morning is one of the constituent elements of life.

Regardless what way you fill the morning, for example, exercise, reading a newspaper, preparing the agenda, menyepa neighbors, worship, cleaning the house or just make some tea and listen to the song, then get up in the morning can make you become someone who is not always left behind. Minimal lag was warm rays of the sun which can make your mood is always fresh.

3. Goal Setting Habit
Goals are always sentences you wrote in your notebook, daydream, or small dreams before bed. The goal is not what people know as a success, nor a home page that looks more green. However, the goal is sesutau that makes you feel excited to soon reach it, even if you have to try hard.
Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb) and Soichiro Honda (founder of Honda automotive empire) was a handful of people are able to achieve goals (dreams) after going through the winding roads. “People see only 1% of my success. But, they did not see the 99% failure, “said Honda.

4. Habits Innovate
Do not be discouraged, to say that you do not have an advantage at all. “All I did was burn bamboo in the yard,” said Tsai Lun, the inventor of the first paper in the world. Activities fuel-offering, he, instead of the form of powder delivered to the paper (pulp) of bamboo, from the combustion of which eventually became known as ‘paper’ instead of ‘leaves’ to write.

So you do not have to be smart and have a high IQ, the key is the innovation. New things you can get at anytime and anywhere, asalakan you dare to step away from the reassuring habit is Lawrence Edward “Larry” Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of the internet search engines: Google, which can be run from the comfort zone for creating innovation. “Everyone will talk about the need for him, then what can I do to meet people?” Said Page. So Page was answered by Google. “My business is actually just digging for information, find the fit of the data to each other,” she continued.

5. Habit Pray
tips to be rich, how to let so rich quick, how to get rich? Ora et labora, or a translation from Latin means, “pray and work”. Prayer and work are two sides that can not be separated. Although success is not guaranteed, of course, is a prayer of hope. A person who prays will not feel the individualism overwhelm him. Therefore, the concept of prayer is the concept of comradeship. Someone who are thinking that they are not alone because God is always with him.

6. Habits Doing Something As Fast As Possible
Human beings are not machines that will immediately do something once ruled. But remember one thing, the delay means piling work. The more overlap, the more confused you how to solve them. “The computer is the speed of business, the faster the computer, then the result will be good for all,” said William “Bill” Gates, owner of Microsoft Corp., about the business that always lead the trend of the world computer market. Because according to him in the business, who quickly he will rule, there is no term in the dictionary delay and late life. All against the clock.

7. Make a habit of Introspection
Who are you? You are what dipikrikan. How you think determines how you act. How you act determines how others react to you. If you feel unimportant, then you become unimportant in the eyes of others. There will be no glory in France if Napoleon did not recognize him with the truth.
Just know that he is a man of short stature. Napoleon recognized him through the potential and deficiencies that should be corrected. When you are what you think, then you will understand what is referred to as self-consciousness (self-awareness)

8. Habits On Time
Dilhirkan time since the 13th century. Now has 800 years when applicable. Are people more effectively? Or the waste of time? Of course you would feel annoyed if people are waiting for arriving late. And vice versa.
Every day everyone has an agenda. Surely you do not want to ruin it? The key to making all goes well on your agenda is the consequence of what you had planned. Such consequences could start by coming on time. Keep something is a promise, and a promise is a debt. Being on time, you have to be someone who is responsible for what you promised.

9. Habits charity / alms
tips to be rich, how to let so rich quick, how to get rich?
Reduce what you have, is it really eliminates a form of ownership? Giving advice is to be a world’s poorest. The upper hand is better than the hand below. What does he mean? When the rich are poor, he will become greedy and leaves no part for many people. “Everything in this world, the more capable members to eat for everyone. However, the rasp of a poor rich man is the cause of evil in the world, “said Mahatma Gandhi.

Then if the medicine of poverty? The cure is a charity. People who reduce some of his wealth to help another brother though his brother never asked for the money was never destitute. It could be that people who like to donate is the person you think you are poor, even fasted a day because he was willing to donate. He is actually the richest man on earth.

Remember, too, saying bugis, “resopa temmangingi” (Everything keberhasihan had occupied). Get familiar with the charity because charity, as if you were planting something good for yourself and your future that you are striving for. With charity, your good name and your family will always be protected by the crowd. When it gets hard, you will always receive priority assistance.

10. Conforming Habits
Human knowledge can be infinite, but sometimes narrowed knowingly and always thought he knew. No one is born and grows then fame without the help of others, at least without direction from others. Being submissive can sometimes save while providing an advantage for us. Remember due to stubbornness Hitler ignored the advice of his best generals, Erich Von Manstein? This leads to destruction and many casualties on the German fleet of tanks against Russian tank fleet (Operation Citadel).

Acts contrary happens at the Hilton. On the orders of his parents, as a child he did not feel he was always embarrassed to serve guests (foreigners) who inhabit his home. So finally this small business into a large empire in this century


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