How to Play with Newborns

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How to Play with Newborns

Newborn child usually can not hold or say anything, so the parent or caregiver confused how to play with her. For that know how to play with a newborn baby.

Newborns can feel bored and lonely if no one is interacting with it when you’re awake. This condition can make the baby feel the stress that will affect the brain development.

“One easy way to play with her newborn baby is by hugging, smiling and talking to him,” says child psychologist Penelope Leach, as quoted by Babycenter, Tuesday (22/11/2011).

Leach said the addition of other ways you can do is bring the baby to play together or while watching television when he was awake, but should avoid the conversation quickly so do not make babies become stressed.

Provide a convenient rope sling to support baby’s head properly, then give a perfect point of view when the baby was awake. Rhythmic movements while walking and scenery can be seen an interesting thing for the baby.

It also makes the mother could remain close to the baby while working other jobs around the house, grocery shopping or other tasks. If he can hold his head up his own, then Hold it facing out so they can more easily see everything around him.

It could also move his bed into the living room when he woke up, so he does not feel lonely and could see the people around him and heard voices.

Although newborns are still stuck with white and black patterns do not understand the shape and color, it could still give it a variety of interesting sights like the toy that hangs above his bed or crib-colored, and frequently invited to speak or sing.


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