How To Get Free Money From Rich People

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Knowing how to get free money from rich people can be very useful especially if you’re struggling with your finances and need quick money. Fortunately there are many rich wealthy millionaires and billionaires who are helping people in need. If you’re in need of financial assistance or are in financial despair then you could turn to rich people for help.

How to Get Free Money From Rich People

There are many millionaires who are willing to give their money away with no strings attached. Millionaires and billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill & Melinda Gates have pledged to give away most of their money. Oprah Winfrey has donated millions to people in need and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres have helped their fans with free houses and cars. The reason why millionaires and billionaires give their money away other than to help people in to increase their popularity and to be remembered for doing good things with their money.

How to Ask a Rich Person For Money

How do rich people make their money and why do they give it away? well millionaires and billionaires make their money with an idea and hard work, they then give the money away to help people in similar circumstances. If you have a genuine need and want to improve your quality of life then these millionaires are willing to help.

If you are interested in getting donations and free money for poor people then you must have a genuine need. Once you’ve determined that you need is genuine you need to gather some information. You need to gather a list of top ten millionaires who give their money away, this information is available on the Forbes 400 Philanthropy List where you can get details of the foundation and charities they support, you should also get their contact details too.

Hardship Letter Asking Rich People for Money

You now need to write a letter to the rich people, start by explaining your current situation and then go on to ask for a donation, don’t be greedy as you’ll almost definitely be turned down. In the final part of the letter explain how the money would make a world of difference. You should write something like this; I need help with my finances as I have lost my job, I would be grateful for a donation of $1000 which would help me complete a administration course which has a guaranteed job offer, I would be grateful for any assistance.

As always you need to be as honest and as open as possible and provide as much evidence as you can to support your request. How to get free money from rich people is worth knowing if you can follow through with multiple millionaires.

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