A Review Of RoadSafe Driver: Technology for Safety on the Roads

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 369,629 people died on America’s roads between 2001 and 2009!  A lot of these accidents could have been avoided had either of the drivers been more careful.

Mobile app developers have taken note of the need for tools that can help drivers stay alert when on the road. The RoadSafe Driver App is the latest entrant in this space.

What’s The RoadSafe Driver App About?

This GPS enabled app is extremely useful for those who love to drive and spend long hours on the road. It can be downloaded on both Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and is aimed at promoting driver safety.

The app can be configured to encourage drivers to concentrate more on the road and drive in a legally permissible manner. Some of the key features of RoadSafe Driver include:

·         Phone lock to block texting capabilities when driving: This lets the driver focus on staying on the road and avoid getting distracted by thumbing SMS replies when behind the wheel.

·         Speed notification: This is an optional inbuilt feature within the app that lets users key in a number into the app where a notification can be sent by the phone in the event of the driver exceeding the pre-set speed limit.

·         Auto Reply: Installing this App on a phone running RoadSafe Driver will help send auto replies to text messages received on the phone during driving. This way, senders of any urgent SMSs will be notified about the driver’s unavailability during the driving period.

·         Driving Control: The Driving Control feature of the app will make the phone’s LED blink in Red when the driver exceeds the set upper speed limit, in addition to sending notification to the specified number registered within the app.  

Advantages of RoadSafe Driver app:

·         This app will help drivers regulate their own driving speed and ensure that they maintain discipline on the roads.

·         The app can even be used to monitor hired drivers and ensure that they follow the pre-set speed limit.

·         It’s an extremely helpful app for parents and schools, to enforce safe driving practices among kids as well as hired school bus and car drivers.

RoadSafe Driver can be installed and used on the following modes:

  1. Driver Mode: In this mode, the phone will automatically get locked when the speed exceeds the preset lower limit. If the upper speed limit is also set, in the Driver Mode, the phone will even generate a notification message about over-speeding.
  1. Non-Driver Mode: This mode can be set by users when traveling as passengers. In this mode, there is no automatic locking down of the phone’s features.

What’s missing in the app?

The Roadsafe Driver app could have had additional monitoring features like an inbuilt GPS tracker that parents could have used to monitor the movements of their teenage children. The GPS feature would have been helpful to even send out alerts in case of any emergency, giving the app a more comprehensive role of ensuring security on the roads. 


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