Know how to select the right educational institution for primary/secondary school admission

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Primary school level education is very important in shaping up your child’s future.  Hence selection of the right educational institution is very important.  Parents should play a responsible role in this regard.

The education scenario has changed a lot in recent times. Lots of educational boards have come up, some offering state-approved course curricula and again there are many which have come up with dynamic educational programs. The ultimate aim is to help the kid grow up as an independent and responsible global citizen. Parents should take informed decision if they want to provide the best educational standards for the child.

If the student gets a solid base from primary school education, then only he/she can excel in the secondary level. There are schools which provide primary/secondary school admission as per specific criteria. While the primary level stresses on identifying and effectively addressing academic or behavioral issues, the secondary level stresses on the in-depth knowledge of each subject and its practical application.  

If the student can be guided efficiently in the primary stage, he/she won’t face any problem while progressing to the upper grade. There are institutions which ensure direct transfer from the kindergarten to the primary and then to the secondary level. Thus by enrolling your kid to such a school, you need not worry about searching for a new school after completion of each level. Another interesting thing is that these schools offer day care facilities too for Montessori level kids.

Prior to deciding about the primary/secondary school admission, it is very important to review the school infrastructure and other facilities. Cramped classrooms with improper teacher, student ratio can really affect the teaching process. On the other hand, a healthy balance between teacher and student ratio can supplement the learning process and help in instilling curiosity among young minds. Since intelligence level of kids vary and all don’t have the same grasping capacity hence faculties need to be qualified as well as properly trained to handle problems of each kid. Counseling sessions should be conducted from time to time for those lagging behind in specific fields.

When it comes to primary/secondary school admission, make sure to opt for the institution which operates with a broad view and noble vision. Judging kids based on academics only is not a good idea. The school needs to have its unique ranking method where students should be assessed on the basis of overall performance. The institution should be particular about offering well designed course curriculum keeping the international scenario in mind. There are many institutions like Chennai Public School which have come up with professionally devised websites so that parents need not visit the school for preliminary information.

While you can always gather initial info from the school’s website a personal visit will help in having better idea about the school’s ambiance and infrastructure. You get the opportunity to interact with the school’s administration and faculties. You can also take a look at the library and laboratory facilities just to know if the school is really updated with latest amenities. Proceed with the admission procedure only if you are totally satisfied with the school’s facilities and infrastructure.


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