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Instill The Honesty of Children

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Instill the honesty of children

The person is honest, courteous. We need to instil the position in early childhood. You have to tell parents to children, teaching and learning, to be honest, in both words and deeds always. The children must be away from the lies and promises.

Indeed, his father was quite in the Note. He did not know that we have, for, is frequently the case for personal gain, and sometimes parents. I want to attract kids to be quiet, or children in tears, not supply.

For the service of God ever correct order. “I believe fear Allah, and those of you who are you with the truth” (in case of repentance: 119)

Prophet Muhammad goal for their children. It was Narrated by Abdullah bin ‘should amirubin Robbie’ a to Adobe. “My mother was a prophet, called me one day sitting in our house. My mother said,” Come here, I’d give anything to you. “?” The question the mother, “the apostle Allah give them what they said.” I’ll give you an APPOINTMENT with him, if nothing is sure to be seen and he said: “There. ‘” (Abu)

This story just shows that all words must be true for the children. Mean joke, but it’s not a lie.

I heard some of the Prophet peace in the grace of God alaihi to him: provided by: Shake the bottle hakeem of his grandfather and his father, “people who speak their words as laughter Woe to the wicked, then lying.” (On – Bihari was) destroyed it

Prophet Muhammad himself was a joke. But humor was not separated from the truth. Abu hurayrah, companion of the past, it was decided with regard to the Prophet Muhammad,

? “The messenger of Allah, you joke with us,” so he answered: (tirmidhi Narration) “Did I tell you the truth.”

Therefore, no joke, it is proper and parents. While making with the children in the words of deceit, to condemn and prevent. The story is that you can tell the truth in order to support children always sincere.

Let’s say that by starting to get used to the right, the other way for parents is not in how to clean. So even an honest man, honest to God, are used to maintain honest truth gradually, until it is our morality.

Therefore, children, parents, along with efforts to Alienate the children of all lie in penunayan words and promises, you will have to be honest in deed. It is possible to stand in this world and eternal happiness is Desirable. And Allah knows best.


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