Your Body Language Affects Your Mood – so Change it if You Look Grumpy :-) Just Smile:-)

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Did you know that your body languageaffectsyour mood?

Have you ever thougt about someone: “God, she looks tired, sad, lonely or annoyed” or “Wow, he really seems happy, content, fulll of life, well and fresh”? You are very often right, and the same goes to you too. When you feel sick, tired or angry, people can tell, and you won’t seem approchable, or if you feel really happy one day, other people can feel that too.

And have you ever had someone tell you to “sit up straight, don’t slough” and when you did, you actually felt a little better and a little more happy and fresh? 

That is because YOU are in control of how YOU feel. And you can change your mood and feelings easily. Soby improvingyour body language, you can improveyour mood.

This is how you do it:

Act as ifyou are happy –smile, talkwith afreshvoice,openyour eyes, relaxyour shouldersandjaw, loose yourcrossedarms and legs,stand up straigt and sit up right.

If neccesary, think  of something nice– somethingyou’re looking forwardto, orsomething that youlike. Then your mind will ease up.

And ifit’s still a littlehard for you to cheer up, try goingoutside by yourselffor a minute ortwo,close your eyesand smile. Just smile. Sometimes, try smiling atyourself ina mirror. When you smileinto the mirror, you getasmileback – andsmilesare contagious, as you know🙂

I work as a shopassistant, and therefore I know thatthe customers should not be able to tell onme, if I’m havingabad day.Soif I’mnot particularlyfeelingon top,then I mustpretend that Iam anyway.And italways helps my mood, so that eventually I am no longer pretending, I am actually feeling good now.

So if you look and acthappy, thenyou will also behappy

For me there isnothing more beautifulthan happy, smilingfaces.

And hereare justa fewsmiles for you, along your way🙂🙂


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