Why you’ll love a Mac

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It’s gorgeous. Inside and out.

Since the software on every Mac is created by the same company that makes the Mac itself, you get a completely integrated computer that’s as secure, stable, and powerful as it is elegant and easy to use.


Anatomy of a Mac

A quick overview of the basics so you can get started using your Mac right away.


What’s inside a Mac? Only the world’s most advanced operating system and a suite of software that’s just as brilliantly designed as the computer itself. Watch the video


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…and beauty.

Recyclable glass and aluminum. A trip-proof power cord. A stunning display. Even the keyboard is beautiful. Get a closer look at a few of the design details that make a Mac a Mac. View gallery


The greenest family of notebooks.

The new MacBook family has been designed with the environment in mind. Learn more

Secure. Powerful. Compatible. Right out of the box.

A Mac has all the essentials built right in, including automatic protection from PC viruses, the latest wireless technology, advanced Intel chips, and a rock solid operating system that’s loaded with innovations.


Doesn’t get PC viruses.

Designed with security in mind, Mac OS X isn’t plagued by constant attacks from PC viruses and malware. Likewise, it won’t slow you down with constant security alerts and sweeps. Every Mac is secure right out of the box, so you can safely go about your work — or play — without interruption.


High performance.

With the latest Intel processors and other engineering leaps, a new Mac does all the things that only a Mac can do — at an astonishing speed.


Always up to date.

A Mac regularly checks for updates to Mac OS X and any included Apple software and automatically downloads them. So really, a Mac gets better with age.


Born ready.

Unlike other computers that require you to spend hours configuring devices, a Mac connects to your digital camera, wireless device, or external drive and just works. Really.


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