The Nervous System: Part 2 of 3

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A Spanish contemporary of Golgi named Santiago Ramon y Cajal used Golgi’s  methods to study the nervous system (his drawing of neural structure, made in 1888) Cajal demonstrated that neurons were discrete, well-defined cells whose interconnections seemed highly organized and specific. While maria other staining methods have since been developed Cajal’s use of Golda’s methods revealed much of the basic structure of our nervous system (in 1906 the two researchers were awarded a Nobel prize for their work).

The nervous system can be divided into two basic parts the central nervous system, consisting of all the neurons that are entirely within the brain arid the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system, consisting of all the neurons that are partly or completed outside the brain and the spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system can be further divided into sensory neurons, which carry Information toward the central nervous system and motor neurons, which carry signals from the central nervous system toward the muscles. Everything you know about the world outside yourself everything you know about what goes on Inside your body has traveled to your central nervous system by sensory neurons And every effect you have had on the world was carried out in one way or another through the action of motor neurons.

Neurons developed quite early in the course of evolution animals as primitive as jellyfish have sensory and motor neurons. Neurons haven’t even changed very much. A squad or a leech has basically the same kind of neurons as a human In fact, much of our knowledge of neural functioning has come from studies of the nervous system of the squid.

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