Saturday, December 16

Good Giant Versus Bad Giant

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Fogg was a gentle giant. He lived near a village. He was always polite to the village. He did his every best not to upset them. But being huge, it was not easy.

       Take fogg’s feet, for instance . if he tiptoed past their homes. He still made the ground tremble. The startled folk fell out of  bed, kitchen crockery rattled and bounced about.

        The villagers complained to fogg. They dared so because he was so nice and kind. He even said sorry and promised to creep around more carefully than before.

           Then there was his sneezing. When he sneezed, he sent such a blast of air howling across the valley, that the villagers had to rush indoors for fear of being blown away!

They complained to fogg about that as well. The giant promised he would sneeze into his hanky. But sometimes a sneeze came upon him all of a sudden, before he could do anything about it.

   One complaint followed another. Eventually, the villagers decided life would be much more comfortable without a giant living on their doorstep. So they sent for spellbound, the wizard, and asked him if he could shrink fogg down to a normal human size.

             Fogg agreed to the plan at once, proving what a big-hearted giant he was!

           All at once, a silvery mist appeared, hiding fogg from sight when it cleared, the delighted villages saw that fogg was just the same size as them!

           Everyone started living peacefully. Fogg moved in with a kind family who looked after him very well, and he began to enjoy life at his new size.

     Life is full of surprises. The surprise that arrived to the villagers was a giant, Tyson, the walking, talking type, just like fogg used to be!

Tyson was short-tempered and always wanted to get his own way. The villagers did not know this at first. But they soon found out. When Tyson lay down for snooze in a lush the sheep on green meadow scattered in fear. The villagers complained, just as they had to fogg.

             “Clear off!” he bellowed. “i like this valley and i’m here to stay!” from that day on, Tyson  stomped about wherever he pleased, flattening crops, and knocking down trees. When he lay down for a rest, he always slipped off his boots and used them as a pillow. Tyson had horrible smelly feet, and the rotten pong wafted through the valley, sending everyone indoors, rushing to shut their doors and windows. And when he slept, he snored louder than thunder. The  villagers huddled in their homes, holding their heads and wishing Tyson would go away. But he would not.

It was not long before they began to wish something else.

“if only fogg was still big, he’d soon of Tyson!” sighed one.

“it’s our own silly fault,” agreed the second.

“we shouldn’t have been so selfish,” said the third. “fogg was such a thoughtful, kind and good-tempered giant. He never did anyone  any harm!”

       “we’ve learned our lesson. Let’s get fogg the giant back!” all of them said together. So spellbound was sent for again.

“Hmm!” he said, stroking his long, grey beard. “I’ll have to look up a growing spell. It might take quite a while to get it right!”  

         “we can’t wait,” replied fogg. “Tyson is causing too much trouble. I’ve an idea! Listen carefully…………”

As Tyson lay snoring in the shade, he felt something tickle his nose. It did not stop until, snuffling and snorting , he opened his eyes. It was fogg.

“I tickled you!” he called cheekily. “you can’t catch me!”

Fogg made a funny face and ran of. Before a split- second a huge hand snatched at him.

Fogg jumped onto a horse he had left nearby, and galloped towards the mountains, while a furious Tyson reached for his boots. But some of the villagers had tied the laces together and by the time Tyson had unknotted them, fogg, had reached the mouth of an enormous cave.

He did not try to hide himself , but waited till Tyson had seen him before disappearing inside in hot pursuit! Fogg had found the cave long ago, during his days as a giant. He knew another way out that was small enough. Now, of course he was! Fogg scrambled out into the fresh air.

As fogg rode clear, the villagers pushed against a rock high above the cave mouth heaving and shoving until they it rolling down the mountains loosening others as it went, until an avalanche fell across the front of the cave.

       Tyson had no time to escape. “He’s trapped inside” cried the villagers but not for long!

      Now the mountain trembled as Tyson raged and cursed, as he began to dig himself out.  He worked all day and night. So did spellbound, until at last his spell was ready. He whirled his wand and muttered strange magic words. A dazzling arc of stars appeared around fogg who began to grow and grow, just as Tyson came bursting  from the cave.

           Surprisingly, he stared at fogg.

“Go and find your own valley this one is mine!”  roared fogg, raising his voice for the first time in his life.

          None of the villagers minded one bit. They were only too pleased to see good old fogg back to normal. Tyson took off nervously across the mountains without  looking back.

          “we promise never to complain again, fogg,” the thankful villagers told him. We know we made a big mistake before!”

            “More like a giant one!” someone joked and everyone laughed, though fogg took care not to laugh too loudly! 


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