Finding Your Life’s Career Path Through Spirtuality

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“Follow your bliss” is now a bit of  famous advice, first given by Joseph Campbell.  It
is not a hedonistic call to an anything goes life.  It means to become your one true self, your higher spiritual self, and follow where that self leads you.  

Our egos direct us to career paths that are not in our best interests.  We end up feeling confined, frustrated, and prevented from living our dreams but think that that is just the way work and life go.  That is not true.  Many a wealthy person has discovered that by following their dreams they were able to also support themselves in grand style while working at a job that felt more like play than work.  

We all have talents whether we know it or not.  Some of us have buried our talents because of feelings of inferiority and unworthiness.  When we become our higher spiritual self we begin to realize the selfishness of living without letting our light shine.  Then we begin to use our innate talents and find a wholeness of spirit never before experienced.  A healing occurs.

Does anyone really think they were created to collect tolls in a toll booth or cash checks all day?  It’s no wonder so many people drink, take drugs, gamble, become sex addicts, become violent and drop out of society completely.  No man was meant to live as an automaton.

In giving up a life run on fear and opening ourselves up to a life built on love, all things become perfect.  We were made in innocence and perfection and we find our way back to it through prayer and meditation.  We learn to leave our egos behind and become one with our true self which is God or a higher power if you prefer.  

How do you find this type of spirituality if it is lacking in your life?  Many spiritual people would agree that it is difficult to find in man-made religions.  You can be religious without being spiritual and you certainly can be spiritual without being religious.  It is good if you have a belief in some power greater than yourself no matter what you choose to call it.  The ego must surrender to this power that some call love.  The ego’s direction leads to a fractured, unhappy life.  The soul’s direction, guided by love, leads to wholeness, fullness and perfection.

Some seekers choose to use their non-physical teachers and guides.  Some of these might be called angels by some.  If your level of belief won’t let you utilize these guides now, don’t worry that you can’t find spiritual transformation.  You can and will.  But teachers and guides, whether they are old souls you’ve known in past lives or deceased friends and family members from this life returned to you, are just waiting for you to ask for their help.  

How do you use spirit teachers and guides?  Clear your mind.  Be still.  Meditate.  Then, with respect, ask for the help you feel you need.  Some people like to use a journal for conversations with their guides and angels.  Some experience automatic writing of sorts with responses that are not from their own minds.  

Be open to spiritual experiences.  Be open to your psychic abilities which will also be developing as you become more spiritual.  There is nothing weird about having psychic gifts.  We were all born with psychic abilities, but we learned from our parents, teachers and societies that these gifts were considered odd and we learned to hide the fact that we knew who was at the door before it was opened or that we saw our deceased grandmother who gave us a kiss before leaving again.  We learned not to talk of these things or be mocked and ridiculed or worry our parents.  

If you study how to develop psychic abilities, most teachers will first tell you to be still and meditate.  You cannot receive information when you are moving around quickly and thinking one trivial thought after another.  Learn to follow your breaths and just be the I Am of yourself with no ego.


Spiritual awakening has to mean a new direction in your career or a new career because being spiritual means that you cannot conduct business as usual.  You will want to act from a higher ground of love which means honesty, integrity, responsibility and compassion.  You will not want to work with the notion of what’s in it for you anymore and this will change everything.

If you keep the same job but you are different your co-workers and supervisors will wonder at you.  They may criticize and mock you initially, but eventually will come to respect your new way of doing business in many cases.  

What kind of new career does your higher power have in mind for you to pursue?  Be not afraid.  Religion is the belief system of pain and sacrifice.  Spiritual truth returns you to a you that is truly you that you never felt free to be before.  That person’s interests, talents and abilities are yours and they are what will direct you when you set out to follow your bliss.  

When we use our God-given talents we are joyous.  They may be things not traditionally thought of as talents but they are nonetheless.  Being in a position where you can set up harmonious career or personal relationships between people and doing it well is a talent.  Directing a not-for-profit agency’s search for grants in a creative way is a talent.  Washing windows is a talent if you are doing it from your higher self and doing it the best you can do with love in your heart, but no one is going to ask a CEO to become a window washer for God.  

You may dream up an entirely new type of business that is based on an old dream you had nearly forgotten.  You may find that living in a spiritual world has placed you in the right place at the right time and that the right people have appeared to reach out and help you up to where you belong.  There are many coincidences in spiritual living.  Some say these are just miracles God doesn’t sign his name to.  

You may finally free yourself to take that chance and sit down to paint or write only to discover that it wasn’t just a dream–you’re really good at it.  

New careers are things we do because we have to.  We need to write, paint, act, research, bake, refinish antiques–whatever–the way the flowers need the sun.  It’s just who we find that we are.


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