Judge Dredd (Sega Genesis/1995)

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In the future, most of the world has degraded into a crime-filled wasteland and the overwhelmed justice system has collapsed beyond all recognition, reinstated by a new system that’s a combination of law enforcement and courts where elite policemen serve as judge, jury, and executioner.


The graphics just about right for this game that was released in the much, much later half of the Sega Genesis era. The hugely vast levels are all different and colorful. But with the awesome gameplay, you won’t be spending too much attention for graphical flaws.


Responsive with complete excellence. You will be able to control Judge Dredd smoothly and fluidly, regardless of how heavy his outfit or his guns might be for him. These controls are dead-on.


As Judge Dredd, your main goal is to rid the levels of the scum and villains that populate them, and you’ll have plenty to deal with as well. The gameplay never lacks throughout the levels which offer quite a variety of play to them (you even get to fly on one of the flying motorbikes from the film in a chase sequence). Each level is enormously big and exciting


This is a classic 2D side-scroller from the Sega Genesis, at the same time, it follows themovie closely and satisfyingly without having to add unnecessary garbage to it just for filler material, instead, it adds a few more levels which raise the excitement level of the game overall. In a lot of ways, “Judge Dredd” resembles the very first “Jurassic Park” game on the Sega Genesis.

The fact that the film wasn’t as well-received has no effect on this game whatsoever, this is a unique Genesis sci-fi side-scroller and one of the best movie-to-game adaptations that you will find out there.

Rating: ****


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