Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Sega Genesis/1993)

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Kevin’s family is going on Christmas Vacation… again. He almost makes it on the plane with his family except, due to an odd confusion, he accidentally gets on the wrong plane and ends up in New York City instead of Miami.


I don’t know what happened to this game sequel, but it seemed like more effort went into the first one’s graphics as opposed to this one. Kevin has no distinguishable features about him at all, the same can be said for Marv, Harry, and everyone else who makes an appearance in this game. I’ll give the level design some props as it’s not actually that bad, but most of the environments have dull colors and horrid dot shading with the exception of Duncan’s Toy Store.


Expect to do a lot of running, sliding, jumping, and shooting with your slingshot. Running takes up the bulk of it for the most part. All of this factors into the controls with no problem at all.


Harry and Marv are out to chase and capture Kevin in every level just about, they don’t actually make themselves that menacing until the very last couple of levels in the game though in which they somehow attain the ability to jump and throw nap-sacks at you. With them aside, it seems that every person in the game is out to hurt Kevin which is kind of stupid in a sense – Shopkeepers swing broomsticks at him, people rushing to terminals at the airport crash right into him with zero regard whatsoever, and no to mention pigeons who just can’t wait to charge at you first chance that they get. Think that’s crazy? Wait until you run into some ninjas who resemble Shredder’s foot-soldiers from ‘Ninja Turtles’ (I am not joking, these clowns randomly drop down from the sky above). 

Playing as Kevin, you will journey through places from the film such as the Plaza Hotel, the airport, Central Park, and his uncle’s house. The level you’ll really be looking forward to is the one towards the end where Kevin gets to use his traps on the crooks at his uncle’s house. But even when you get there, the traps aren’t as satisfying as they were in the original game. Here they range from electrocution in a puddle of water, knocking a heavy cylinder off a shelf, and so forth. The original game had all of the traps from the original film and even threw in a ton of its own ideas. But here, it’s almost as if they ran out of creativity and the traps aren’t really that effective.


“Home Alone 2: Lost In New York” feels more like a cheap way to cash in on the film and video game franchise. At least the first game had some uniqueness to it and tried new things aside from being based on the film. The responsive controls are the only thing this game has going for it to counter against its terrible graphics and disappointing gameplay. Even 90% of your enemies, aside from Marv and Harry, are worthless excuses for enemies – Come on, ninjas!? Is there some deleted scene in “Home Alone 2” featuring ninjas that I don’t know about?

Rating: **1/2


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