Home Alone (Sega Genesis/1991)

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Kevin McCallister has been left all by himself in his house after his entire family left for ChristmasVacation. When he encounters two thieves who are robbing houses in the neighborhood, he takes matters into his own hands.


This is a very early game on the Sega Genesis console and the graphics are about as average as you can expect. The animations aren’t all that bad and match the overall atmosphere of the game. Images vary from house to house, things never appear to be dull nor mundane. The game is pretty colorful and cheery.


A drops tires which can use for jumping boosts, B fires the weapon, and C jumps. Jumping seems awkward while weapon firing works out fine with little-to-no delay. You can use the directional pad to climb stairs and run. Nothing too big to complain about or to take away from the fun factor in this game.


You play as Kevin McCallister and must stop the wet bandits Marv and Harry as they rob from house to house. There’s five houses total on the block and you must save each one. Getting to them early helps if you find out which one they’re going to rob next, you can set up your traps, wait for them to come, and once you’ve inflicted enough damage on them, they’ll leave and move on to the next house. Rinse and repeat.

There’s many goodies in the houses that you can use to your advantage as well as outside the houses, including: Marbles, tar, toys, blowtorches, and so on. Many of the traps are from the movie and then some. The traps can be placed wherever you like in the house on the blueprint stage, but you have to be careful as to where you place them so that Kevin can avoid getting hurt himself.

Also, each house has some sort of guardian or ‘extra’ nemesis, so to speak. There’s a ghost in the colonial house, a spider in Kevin’s mansion, a cat in the country house, and asecurity robot in the futuristic ultra-modern house. The gameplay is endless loads of fun and sets itself apart from most games on the Sega Genesis.


There’s tons of replay value to be found in “Home Alone”, it’s one of those Sega Genesis games that definitely stand out above the rest and you would so wish that they remade it on the PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360. It may take practice figuring out which houses will be looted next by Marv and Harry, but after a few tries, you will get the hang of that. There’s two difficulty modes, expert and normal. Expert has far more traps to toy with as well as weapon components, however, the bandits must be held off for roughly forty minutes instead of the normal twenty in normal mode.

You will find that “Home Alone” is unique and has a style to it unlike no other, few games can compare to it on the Sega Genesis console. Rent or buy? This one is definitely worth the buying price. So pick up
 a copy, set up your traps, and catch some bad guys.

Rating: *****


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