The difference between "Good Luck" and "Bad Luck"

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A Roman emperor Julius and his minister Junjun went hunting in the forest. While shooting with his gun, Julius broke his thumb and flet great pain. Junjun bandaged the wound and offered the emperor some philosophical consolation: “Majesty, we never know what is good or what is bad for us.”

The emperor did not take kindly to the advice, went into a rage and threw his minister into a deserted well. Then he continued alone, making his way through the wild jungle when a group of forest people came upon him, surrounded him, took him captive and led him to their chief. The tribe was about to offer a human sacrifice, and Julius would now be the God-sent victim.

The chief priest, however, whle examining him noticed the bandage on his thumb and rejected him, as the victim had to be without blemish. Julius realized how right Junjun had been, felt remorse, ran back to the well into which he had thrown him, took him out and asked his pardon for the harm he had unjustly done to him.

Junjun answered, “You need not ask any pardon from me, because you have done me no harm. On the contrary, you have done me a very good turn, you have saved my life. If you had not thrown me into the well and I had continued ny your side, those savages would have taken me for their sacrifice and killed me. You see, we never know when something is good or bad for us, when it is a good or a bad luck.”


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