Batman Returns (Sega Genesis/1992)

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Although somewhat based on the movie, the game takes place right after the Penguin pushes the Ice Princess off the building, therefore framing Batman. Now on the run as the caped crusader, you must clear your name and stop the Penguin and Catwoman.


There is a strange overuse of the color purple, especially when there’s objects that are supposed to be black but instead they are purple. The backgrounds suck because they aren’t as drawn as they should be, some characters don’t appear to be as exact as their movie counterparts (with the exception of the Penguin).


It is wise to use Game Genie with this otherwise you’ll do nothing but aggravate yourself due to the difficult jumping parts – It’s a good thing that this game allows you unlimited times to continue which is a good thing for a game with bad controls.


As Batman, you will punch, jump, kick, use his grappling hook, and throw batarangs. All of the basics can be learned in the first two minutes of playing the game. There’s much jumping to do throughout the levels as well. Speaking of which, the levels are made up into five acts with each one containing about four levels each. Your weapons include smoke bombs, batarangs, and a grappling gun. The game is often slow and sluggish at times and you may often feel like wishing you could use the grappling gun to swing out of your television just to escape from the darn game.


The Super Nintendo version and this Sega Genesis version are two different games completely. The Super Nintendo game covers the whole movie from start to finish and is widely superior. This Sega Genesis counterpart begins from the point in the movie where Batman is framed for killing the Ice Princess and has a fugitive aspect to it. It’s a decent platformer for what it’s worth, but it does beat the heck out of the horrid movie-to-game adaptation of “Batman Forever”, that’s for certain.

Rating: **


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