Alien 3 (Sega Genesis/1993)

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It follows the premise of the film, “Alien 3”. Ripley’s pod crashes from her ship onto a desolate planet while in hyper-sleep, she is the only survivor. She is found right outside a prison colony and ends up having to stay there until a rescue team arrives from her company, Weyland Yutani. However, she is not the only survivor from the crash…


Quite cool for the Sega Genesis. Ripley, the aliens, the victims – all of them are well attended to with pretty impressive sprites and are overall very well-reproduced. The aliens move exactly like in the movies and come at you from a distance once they spot you, pretty scary and intimidating if you ask me. The human victims are very nice and disturbing with some bound to the walls in discomfort. The chestburster effect is totally gross (translation: AWESOME!). Everything has a sort of grim atmosphere to it, it’s kind of like “Hellraiser” meets “Aliens”.


Ripley is responsive to your actions, indeed. The depths of her jumps can be controlled with ease, allowing you to take baby steps or even larger steps wherever you please. Weapon switching is handled nicely along with rescuing the humans. The controls of “Alien 3” don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.


The levels don’t have much variety to them but they are all pretty gory and contain just the right amount of grim atmosphere needed. You will soon discover shortcuts or easier ways of navigating throughout each level, especially in the countdown sequence at the end of every single level. The aliens seem as menacing and as realistic as they possibly can be.


The replay value is sort of short-term here even though it’s not a bad title. All aspects of the game do satisfy, so there’s little room to disappoint, it’s not taxing on the brain whatsoever, and there is a sense of sinister urgency that is found all throughout it. My only problem with this game is that it should have been called “Aliens” as it sort of departs away from the plot of “Alien 3” by including, well, lots and lots of aliens to battle. In my opinion, making “Alien 3” a shooter was the wrong way to go with it, it should have been more along the lines of “Resident Evil” or “Clock Tower” but in a 2D SegaGenesis sense, so-to-speak. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad game, but it’s kind of irrelevant (plot-wise) as far as the movie “Alien 3” goes.

Rating: ***


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