Splatterhouse 3 (Sega Genesis/1993)

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Five years following “Splatterhouse 2”, Rick and Jennifer are now married and gave birth to their son David. Rick has become a successful Wall Street yuppie and has bought a mansion of his own in Connecticut. Despite leaving the memories of the Terror Mask in the past behind him, the Mask begins to speak to Rick in his dreams. Soon enough, Rick is forced to don the mask once again in order to battle the monsters from before, this time in his own home.


The graphics are probably the best in the series, although maybe not the best ever though, but this entry marks the series in its most prime form. The icing on the cake here are the FMV sequences which is compiled of digitalized photographs but it certainly does the trick. The images overall have the most animation frame rates in the “Splatterhouse” series and you are now fighting on what looks like “Final Fight” esque planes as opposed to the linear ones from previous games. 


“Splatterhouse 3” continues to the same control style and configurations as the first two games – They’re perfectly easy and nothing too complex. If you’ve played enough games on the Sega Genesis, then this should be cake.


You play as Rick under the guise of the all-powerful terror mask once again. You must race against time as you battle a pretty good variety of gruesome monsters throughout the various floors and levels of his mansion in order to save his wife and son. Once you’re done mashing everything in a room, a map will appear to you so you can figure out how to reach the end of the level, now that’s a nice new touch to the series. 

As introduced in “Splatterhouse 2”, you are also able to branch off in different story paths here as well. A good example is on the second level where you must save Jennifer from being eaten by a giant boreworm – if she does, then you’ve lost her. But the story continues. You’re also able to collect orbs of such that are able to work with your terror mask to transform you into a hulk-like figure temporarily. 


“Splatterhouse 3” continues the many traditions found in the first two games and expands on it. This is the series in its prime here. It’s a fun game to play regardless of the fact that its beat ’em category that it falls into is pretty much predictable, gameplay-wise. The one thing I’m glad that they improved on is the story this time around. If you’ve read my review for “Splatterhouse 2”, you will know what I’m talking about. Whereas the second one had a somewhat lazy and tackled on plot, this one actually feels more developed and moves everything to a different setting. Nevertheless, if you want to get the most out of the “Splatterhouse” series, then play “Splatterhouse 3”.

Rating: ***1/2


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