Splatterhouse 2 (Sega Genesis/1992)

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couple months later, Rick is tormented by voices of the terror mask he previously donned last time, reminding him that he (with the help of the superhuman mask) can still save Jennifer who perished last time. Rick once again returns to the mansion.


Everything is just as good and on parr as the original “Splatterhouse” – Nice animated backgrounds, excessive gore, hoards of monsters, the weapons inventory, etc.


It’s a breeze to grab and play through, much like the original was. The jump action still holds the same issues as the original where you have to use extreme caution when taking leaps over spikes, man-eating piranhas, etc. The controls may mature with some difficulty on the latter levels though.


“Splatterhouse 2” returns with its “Evil Dead”, “Hellraiser”, and “Streets of Rage” inspiredgameplay and imagery all rolled into one. In addition to throwing in lots of gore, guts, blood, and the opportunity to beat everything you come across to a bloody pulp, the game does throw in a lot of challenges, especially on those very last batch of levels, it will get extremely hard. Don’t let your guard down when you think it’s about to end, because it certainly is one of those games that likes to fool you in that department.


“Splatterhouse 2” doesn’t exactly offer anything new to “Splatterhouse” aside from somewhat newer levels, monsters, more eerily violent imagery, and challenges to face. Other than that, it pretty much has the same characters and setting as the original one. It’s a great game, probably as good as the original, I just wish there were more variety in the story and setting. I think they could have came up with something else rather than driving Rick back to the same old house, maybe have him admitted to a mental institution or something, they could still have the “we can still save Jennifer” element though. Overall, a nice sequel to “Splatterhouse”.

Rating: ***


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