Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Sega Genesis/1991)

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After the events of “The Terminator”, the rebels in the future capture a T-800 model, reprogram it, and send it back in time to protect John Connor. At the same time, Skynet counteracts with them and sends back a far more advanced killing machine, the T-1000, to kill John Connor.


Very basic and respectable, it gets the job done and doesn’t detract from the game at all. The locations, sets, special effects, and characters are all presented recognizably. You will recognize many sets from the movie, although here some may have been expanded on for extended gameplay purposes.


Controls here really degrade the game as you will end up crashing into a lot of things. You will probably end up restarting levels a lot in that case or perhaps the entire game, who knows. That’s for the driving side of the game though, the side-scrolling/shooting aspect is fine, no problem.


This is a side-scrolling shooter mixed with 2D driving sections here and there. The levels are straight out of the movie – the biker bar, steel mill, mental hospital, the mall, Cyberdyne building, etc. Your weapons range from shotguns, pistols, and even the mini-gun. Aside from shooting stuff, the levels have some objectives to do in them such as finding John Connor’s address in the the first level. One common objective throughout the game makes no sense whatsoever: You have to find crates that contain stuff from the future and collect them – Why? Obviously to make the levels longer and that’s it. The driving levels are the opposite of what they should be, but then again, this is the 2D era, if it were a few years later, then we would have driving levels like that of the ones from “Die Hard Trilogy”.


All driving levels aside, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” is a fun, side-scrolling, video game reenactment of the movie, even if it’s not the best side-scroller/shooter out there. Playing as Arnold and blowing away cops, bikers, and the T-1000 with all sorts of cool weapons from the film is definitely enjoyable. This game is a huge advantage over that “T2: The Arcade Game” crap for the Genesis and I mean HUGE. Don’t bother with that game, this one contains all the ‘Vitamin T2’ that you need in your video game diet.

Rating: ***1/2


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