The Amityville Horror (1979)

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Starring: James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger, Don Stroud, and Murray Hamilton.

Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg.


George and Kathy Lutz purchase a new house out in Amityville, Long Island, New York. What they soon find out is that a mass murder had taken place in that house one year earlier. Then, a series of strange paranormal activities occur and causes them to leave 21 days after their move in.


*George Lutz (James Brolin): Husband to Kathy; he slowly becomes possessed by the house.

*Kathy Lutz (Margot Kidder): Wife to George.

*Father Delaney (Rod Steiger): A priest who blesses the house.


“The Amityville Horror” is based on the true to life events that happened to the Lutz Family and have sparked much controversy ever since the story first surfaced in the media during the late 1970s. Personally, I believe in ghosts (say whatever you like) and have had my share of encounters (still am, actually), but thankfully, it has never been with a presence like the one depicted here.

The Amityville presence is a very naughty one that bangs doors, disturbs pet animals, distributes cold temperatures, causes stairs to collapse, spews out thousands of flies in a room, reveals a pig with red glowing eyes in windows, and other such disturbing activities. This enemy is never particularly seen and that makes it far more frightening. Instead, it slowly but surely consumes and takes over the man of the house, George Lutz, over the course of the 21 days that they live there and drives him mad to the point of attempting to kill his own family.

Whether or not it’s based on fact or it isn’t I will leave up to you decide, all I know is what I believe in and I believe that the real-life Lutz family were telling the truth. I guess it depends on your beliefs and your experiences as well. Fact or fiction regardless, this is a very good and entertaining ghost story.

Rating: ****


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