How To Recycle Electronics for Cash

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To recycle electronics is essential due to the fact that they contain toxic materials, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which are hazardous to our soil and groundwater. All of these toxic materials are then recycled to produce new materials, and any remaining dangerous waste is disposed of through an appropriate recycling facility, so nothing ends up in a landfill. The following contains companies that perform such a service that not only benefit the environment but also your wallet.

STEP 1: Recycle your cell phone by using or It’s very simple to use, just click on the brand, then click on the model, and both websites will then indicate how much your cellphone is worth. Both sites even let you print out a prepaid mailing label. If your cellphone model is too old or you do not need the cash, both sites will also allow you to donate online.

STEP 2:  Recycle your PCs, Notebook PCs, and digital cameras using Office Depot’s ecoNEW program at Just click on the type of product you want to sell, the brand, and then the model. Office Depot will offer to purchase your item at the value displayed by their trade-in value estimator. Just remember to back up and remove all personal files before shipping your item. Once your item is received through their ecoNEW program, it will then either be reconditioned or recycled. The recycled equipment will be broken down into raw materials, which will then be used to produce new materials.

STEP 3: Recycle your MP3 players at This recycling company works the same as the others described above, but they will also clear any personal data on your electronics for you if you cannot do it yourself.

STEP 4:  Turn your unwanted CDs, DVDs, and video games into for cash. These items are not necessarily recycled at a facility, but they are recycled through customer resale.


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