Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978)

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Starring: David Miller, George Wilson, Sharon Taylor, J. Stephen Peace, Ernie Meyers, Eric Christmas, Ron Shapiro, Al Sklar, Jerry Anderson, Don Birch, Tom Coleman, Art K. Koustik, Jack Nolen, Bryon Teegarden, Paul Oya, Jack Riley, John Qualls, Steve Cates, Benita Barton, and Ryan Shields.

Directed by: John De Bello.


Tomatoes mysteriously become self-aware, sentient beings that set out to destroy humanity. The President and his staff recruit a special team of people to deter the tomato threat before it’s too late.


*Jim Richardson (George Wilson): The President’s press secretary who attempts to convince the public that the tomato threat is non-existant.

*The President (Ernie Myers): The leader of the US who brings together a team of specialists to fend off the killer tomatoes.

*Mason Dixon (David Miller): The man who leads the team of specialists.

*WIlbur Finletter (J. Stephen Peace): A parachute man who’s part of Dixon’s team.

*Gretta Attenbaum (Benita Barton): A Russian Olympic swimmer who’s part of Dixon’s team.

*Greg Colburn (Steve Cates): A Navy diver part of Dixon’s team.


Is it me or does the plot of this film sound like it’s right out of a 1950s science fiction movie? It sure does, if you ask me. But thankfully, this movie doesn’t take itself seriously. This is a very, very, very, very silly movie; I mean, tomatoes of all kinds of sizes rolling down city streets and chasing helpless citizens? You have to laugh or at least chuckle sooner or later. This movie is so bad that it’s good. I swear that this is one of those films where you’re expecting Leslie Nielsen to pop up at any given minute.

Almost every place is not safe from these vegetable bloodthirsty monsters – Grocery stores, fields, and even your own refrigerator at home. Heck, at one point, we see one take out a chopper. Not even the United States military can slow these critters down. The heroes of the film soon discover that the President’s press secretary (who would have guessed?) is the one responsible for the killer tomato havoc. Mr. Suave wants to ruler of Planet Earth. 

Once he’s dispatched, it’s up to the heroes to take care of the tomatoes once and for all. Their weakness, it turns out, is through music, or rather… a particular song… a song called “Puberty Love”. This is the most insane part of the entire movie. You can actually sympathize with the tomatoes’ agony as this song plays – It’s a song that everyone, everybody, and everything hates! Even the tomatoes can’t stand it, of course. It’s too bad the heroes didn’t set out to kill the person singing that song after all of the tomatoes died.

Rating: ****


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