The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

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Starring: Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Colin Blakely, Burt Kwouk, Richard Vernon, Briony McRoberts, and Lesley-Anne Down.

Directed by: Blake Edwards.


Chief Inspector Dreyfus has escaped from the mental hospital and sets his sights high as he fully commits himself to killing Inspector Clouseau.


*Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers): The bumbling detective.

*Dreyfus (Herbert Lom): Clouseau’s boss who he is really intent on killing now.

*Alec Drummond (Colin Blakely): The Section Director of Scotland Yard.

*Cato (Burt Kwouk): Clouseau’s servant.

*Professor Hugo Fassbender (Richard Vernon): A nuclear physicist whom Dreyfus kidnaps.

*Margo (Briony McRoberts): Fassbender’s daughter whom Dreyfus kidnaps as well.

*Olga Bariosova (Lesley-Anne Down): A Russian operative who was sent to kill Clouseau but ends up falling for him instead.


The fifth film in the ‘Pink Panther‘ series, “The Pink Panther Strikes Again”, does indeed strike once more and this time with an all-out, non-stop barrel of laugh-out loud gags and moments. It almost feels as if they were saving this hilarious script for the right moment. Clouseau and his boss, who’s been aching to kill him for the past few films, finally go head to head, Dreyfus is now the main villain this time around whereas in the previous films, his insanity and desire to kill Clouseau was more or less a sub plot of sorts to play around with.

There are comedy gags in this film like you would never believe, most notably a scene early on featured in Clouseau’s apartment where he is practicing his wits and skills with Cato while Dreyfus attempts to blow the place up, Clouseau cleverly escapes with an inflatable hunchback he is wearing. Another one, later on, involves Clouseau making several attempts to sneak into Dreyfus’ castle hideout but only to be tricked by a drawbridge every single time which appears to be mocking him. 

“The Pink Panther Strikes Again” is definitely one of the better films in the series which definitely deserves to be in the Top 3. Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom make for an amazingly funny hero and villain combination together, this is certainly their film.

Rating: *****


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